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Ksheer Vrata, Ksheera Vratam in Chaturmas Vrata

Ksheer vrata or Ksheera vratam is the third vratha among the four vratas during Chaturmas Vratha. In 2017, Ksheer vrata begins on September 2 and ends on October 1.

Ksheera vratha starts on the eleventh day in Bhadrapad month (Bhadrapad shukla ekadashi – Parivartini Ekadashi) and ends on the eleventh day in Ashwayuja month (Ashvayuj shukla ekadashi – Pashankusha Ekadashi).

During Ksheer vrata, all food items made with milk and milk by products are avoided.

Ksheera Vrata Sankalpam – Sankalpa Mantra of Ksheer Vrat:

Ksheera vratamidam deva grihitam puratastava |

nirvighnam siddhimayatu prasadatte ramapate ||

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