Rishi Kraustuki | Disciple of Markandeya

Rishi Kraustuki was one of the ancient rishis, and he was the disciple of Markandeya. Markandeya was a great sage and he conquered the death, and remains young forever, and appears similar to Lord Balamuruga. Kraustuki was born in a pious Brahmin family in North India, and was interested in spiritual activities from his younger age itself.

He was well known for his sincere devotion to Lord Shiva, similar to his Guru Markandeya, and relieved the people from their sufferings and sorrows, and took them to the spiritual path. He was good at meditation and yoga, and was specialized in Hindu sacred texts like Puranas, Vedas and Upanishads,and was an expert in all kinds of arts.

After living in the earth for several years, at the beginning of the Kali Yuga, he went to the Rishi Mandala, and performs meditation on Lord Shiva, and attained the eternal bliss of the god.


1. God is the one who is present anywhere and he immediately responds to your call, based on your bhakti.

2. Don’t get feared about anything. Think that god surrounds you and protects you.

3. We must have to develop good habits, and must show affection on each and every living being in the earth, in order to live a happy life.

4. Treat everyone as your own relatives, and give proper respect to them.

5. Consider the females as the incarnations of Mata Parvati, and treat them properly.

6. Don’t think always about your wealth. It will never come with you after your death. Only your good karmas would be carried forward in your next birth. Think this and act accordingly.

7. Try to visit temples regularly, in order to get the grace of the god.

8. Avoid unnecessary talks with others, since it may result in clashes.

9. Try to chant the names and glories of the god, and get permanent pleasantness in your life.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.

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