Ketu Transit for Mithuna Rashi | 2020-2022 Ketu Peyarchi for Gemini

Ketu will move into the 6th house for Mithuna Rashi on 23 September 2020. Ketu transits into Scorpio (Vrischika Rashi) this year. It will stay in Vrischika Rashi till April 2022.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

Ketu is an ally of Rahu and a self restrained Chhaya Graham. Ketu is the reason if you feel isolated and feel eliminated from the social world. Religious deeds are the vital remedies to get over the malefic effects of Ketu.

The general Predictions for Ketu Transit through 6th house are – Change of working condition, ill health, displeasure, from superiors, financial loss, and humiliation.

Effects of Ketu Transit on Mithuna Rashi natives – Family Life

Effects of Ketu Transit on Mithuna Rashi natives – Finance

This year will bring normal inflow of money and you will be able to clear your old debts. Even though there will be unexpected expenditure, you will be able to manage it with ease. Avoid speculative trading activities without understanding the risks.

Effects of Ketu Transit on Mithuna Rashi natives – Career

In terms of career, you will get the full support of your team mates and get the deserved promotion and hike in your job. Occasional obstacles are on cards. You may face some troubles from superiors at work.

Effects of Ketu Transit on Mithuna Rashi natives – Health

There may be minor issues with regards to health and that is nothing to worry. You can overcome them with ease. Be careful with fire accidents and avoid taking risks with regards to this element.

Eyes, stomach and joint pains are the major concerns for you during this transit.


Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama and Hanuman Chalisa regularly will attract good fortune to your family.

Visit Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple or Suchindram Hanuman Temple for better results.

Offer food and clothes to needy people whenever possible.

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