Ketu in 9th House | Ketu in House of Fortune

Ketu in 9th House, Ketu in House of Fortune – Effects of Ketu in 9th house (Positive effects & negative effects)…

When Ketu is in 9th house the native will be serving his parents throughout his life. Ketu will be benefic for father and not for maternal uncle. The native will have a comfortable family life and have good children. Moon is benefic for the mother and Jupiter is benefic for the father.

When there are enemy planets in House No. 3 it will damage the male offspring. Ketu will give excellent results after the period of 7th planet. Keeping a brick of gold at the house will make Ketu excellent. The condition of mother will be poor despite the benefic Jupiter.

Positive effects of Ketu in 9th house

The native will attain wealth through self effort and hard work. He will be faithful and bold and his sons will also have the same quality. Jupiter will decide the condition of Ketu.

Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will be favourable and all planets including Moon in House No. 2 will give favourable results.

The native will gain well after the period of planet in 7th house. Until then the native should keep gold in the house or wear it on his body to attract good luck and derive the benefits of Ketu. The native will be blessed with 3 children who will lead a comfortable life.

When Moon is benefic or is in a house which is benefic, the native will be helpful to his mother. The native will be a man of power and authority and be helpful to others.

Negative effects of Ketu in 9th house

When Ketu is malefic, Moon will also become malefic and in such a case the maternal uncle will be very unlucky.

When Moon or Mars is in House No. 3, it may cause the death of children. When Saturn is malefic he will become a thief, cheat and unlucky individual.

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