Ketu in 5th House | Ketu in Santhana Bhava

Ketu in 5th House, Ketu in Santhana Bhava – what are the positive effects & negative effects of Ketu in 5th house..

When Ketu is in 5th house it will give the results as Jupiter is in the chart. It will be excellent by itself and will give beneficial results after the age of 24.

Jupiter is malefic, Ketu also will become malefic till age of 45 and the son gets affected. The family life of the native may be spoilt. Generally 2 sons may survive and they will lead a comfortable life.

When Saturn is in House No. 5, 9 donating the items of moon and Mars will be helpful.

Positive effects of Ketu in 5th house 

Ketu will give benefic results and if the native has a good character in his youth, he will be blessed with sons and grandsons. The position of the Jupiter will determine the lifespan and number of children of the native. He will have a troubled life till age of 24 and after that his life will be excellent.

When Jupiter, sun or moon is in House No. 4, 6, 12 the native will have at least 5 sons and is financial position will be good and will receive the beneficial results of Ketu.

When Saturn is in House No. 9 and Venus is in House No. 4, Saturn will be benefic for children and domestic life.

Negative effects of Ketu in 5th house

When Jupiter is malefic it will give negative results for children and the native himself up to the age of 45.

When Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Saturn is in House No. 2, 5, 9, 12 Ketu will be malefic for domestic life.

When moon or Mars is in House No. 3, 4 Ketu will be malefic and the native will be poor and lead a troubled life and the condition of his children will depend on the character of the native.

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