Ketu in 2nd House (Ketu in Dhana Bhava)

Ketu in 2nd House (Ketu in Dhana Bhava) – what are the positive effects & negative effects of Ketu in 2nd house?

Ketu will give benefic results when House No. 8 is blank and there is lone planet in House No. 2. The planet in House No. 8 will shorten the lifespan of the native.

The native will travel frequently and will have royal connections. Venus will give benefic results irrespective of its position. Moon will not give beneficial results even if it is exalted.

The native will have a royal position and good luck but he will not be so wealthy. Money will come and go easily but he will not be able to accumulate it.

Positive effects of Ketu in 2nd house

The native will be a man of power and authority. He will undertake a journey for new business or for transfers. Journeys by land will be more beneficial and bring him good promotion. Venus will always be benefic but Moon may not be favourable. The native will be blessed with high rank, honour, power and authority but he will not be able to accumulate wealth. The condition of wealth is determined by Jupiter and Venus will determine the condition of family life. If Sun is in House No. 12, the native will earn after 24th year and will lead a prosperous and comfortable life.

Negative effects of Ketu in 2nd house

When Ketu is in 2nd house, it indicates a short lifespan. If Moon, Mars or Venus is in House No. 8 there will be loss and unhappiness at the 16th or 22nd year. Even though he will have many children none of them will be helpful in his old age.

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  1. Vasudeva Rao. M says:

    Greetings, really all are wonderful and useful articles. Its right, ketu’S position details. But if ketu is in meenam and lagna lord Jup is in Tula with Sun, Ven. Mer., ie.10th house from lagna. What result one can expect. its mine. Kumba lagna birth. 2nd. ketu. 4th Kuja & Chandra. 9th Tula Ven, Ravi, Budha & Jup. 10th Sani. No finance, no own property. Sons genitic, horrible disorder. Blames etc. worst present period. Any solution, remedy. 30-10-1958. 2.25 pm. Hyderabad. Vasudeva Rao. M.