Ketu in 1st House (Ketu in Lagna)

When Ketu is in 1st house it will help the father even though it may be malefic. When House No. 6, 7 are malefic Ketu will exalt the sun and when House No. 6, 7 are blank Ketu will create havoc. It is advisable to serve 3 wordly dogs to get beneficial results.

If Mars is in House No. 12, Ketu will never be malefic. After the marriage of the native Ketu is malefic, Saturn will help him.

Positive effects of Ketu in 1st house

When Ketu is in 1st house it indicates that the native is always worried about journeys or transfers. And his journeys may be cancelled at the last moment. The native will also remain worried for his children. He will not be worried about the future and will have good earnings.

Sun will be benefic of the highest degree even if positioned in 6th or 7th house.

When Ketu transits in 1st house in annual chart, the native will be blessed with birth of son. Jupiter will also be benefic and the native will be beneficial to his father. He will also be respectful to his teachers can be a religious man.

When Mars is in House No. 12 Ketu will be benefic.

Negative effects of Ketu in 1st house

When Ketu is in 1st house it will make the native highly apprehensive in nature. Ketu may become unfavourable after marriage and as a remedy he should take the help of Saturn. Otherwise Ketu will be very malefic and may cause the death of Father. Indications of malefic effect of Ketu will start with items of Mercury, followed by items of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

When House No. 2 and 7 are blank Mercury and Venus both will be malefic. When Sunnis in House No. 7 it will be unlucky period for health.

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