Ketu in 11th House | Ketu in Labha Sthana

Ketu in 11th House, Ketu in Labha Sthana – Effects of Ketu in 11th house (Positive effects & negative effects)…..

When Ketu is in 11th house, it becomes 11 times stronger and gives excellent wealth. Along with Saturn and Mercury in House No 3, the effect of Ketu gets polluted.

If Saturn is benefic or in House No 3, ketu is not malefic. In a female chart, the condition of Saturn is not valid. During the period of Ketu the mother may die but the wealth of the native will continue to grow. But a malefic Saturn indicates loss of house and progeny. The effect of Moon will be reduced.

Positive effects of Ketu in 11th house

Unless Mercury is positioned in 3rd house, Ketu in House No 11 will give royal position and the native will progress well in life and become prosperous.

When Saturn is in 3rd position, it will give benefic results and wealth will grow 11 times. Even though he will not get much benefits from ancestral property, he will attain wealth through hard work.

Negative effects of Ketu in 11th house

There will be loss through the items of Moon and the health of wife is in danger. Mercury in house no 3 denotes the malefic effect of Moon in 11, 23, 36 and 48th year.

When Saturn is malefic, it indicates loss of children and property but for a female chart if Saturn is malefic, Ketu will not give malefic effect. As a remedy to avert danger to the life of the wife during pregnancy, it is advised to donate 11 bags of milk in Bhairon temple.

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