Kher Puja 2022 in Tripura

Ker Puja is an important tribal festival celebrated during Shravan month in Tripura. Usually, Kerpuja begins two weeks after Kharchi Puja. In 2022, Kher Puja date is July 23.

Ker Puja is performed by Tripura’s royal family within their place. It is performed for the welfare, integration, and prosperity of the state.

Goddess Ker is considered as the guardian deity of Vastu Devata. Ker Pooja includes offerings, sacrifices, and a prescribed boundary which both safeguards people from calamities and saves people from external aggression.

In 2021, Kher Puja date is July 31.

In 2020, Kher Puja date is July 14.

In 2019, Kher Puja date is July 7.

In 2018, Kher Puja date was August 4.

In 2017, Kher Puja date was July 15.

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