Kartik Somvar Vrat, Kartika Somavara Vratham during Mondays in Karthik Month

Kartika Somavara Vratam is one of the pujas to observe during the Mondays in Karthik Month. Soma is another name of Lord Shiva. Someshvara is Lord Shiva who keeps the Soma, the moon crescent on his matted hair.

Here you can get Karthika Somvara Vratam 2019 dates. Karthika Somavara Vratham is mainly observed in South India – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

To please the Lord Someshvara (Lord Shiva), Karthik Somavara Vratam is performed.

When is Somvar Vrata Observed?

Somvar vrata is observed on all Mondays, but there are some special Mondays when it is much more auspicious to observe. According to Hindu sacred texts, Mondays in the month of Shravan and Karthika are the best days to observe Somavara vratha. The Skanda Purana mentioned the holiness or significance of Somavara vrata during Karthika masam.

Karthika Somvaram vratham is mainly observed in South India. In North India, Somvar vrat is observed in the month of Shravan month as Shravan Somvar Vrat.

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  1. achu says:

    which monday is the best for taking somavara vridam? can we take all monday as vridam or tell me which is the best?

  2. Shitikanth says:

    can i start 16 monday vrat in karthika masam