Kartik Month Mahatmya, Significance | Holiness & Spiritual Importance of Karthik Month

This article explains the significance of Kartik month. Kartik month is the most auspicious and holiest month for Hindus. As per the Puranas, “there is no sacred month like Kartik, there is no God similar to Lord Vishnu, there is no scripture like Vedas and there is no river like Ganga”.

Kartik month is favorite month to both of the Supreme Gods – Lord Shiva and Vishnu because during the month the Moon will be completely in Krithikas. Some rituals and pujas during this month result ultimate salvation for devotees.

Spiritually, Kartik month is the most appropriate month for any devotee to perform any Sadhana or puja. Water in the Rivers, lakes and ponds get a holi power to destroy ill effects during the month, hence Kartik Snan (ritual bath in Kartik month) is one of the most popular Hindu rituals.

The main rituals of Kartik month are – Kartik Snan, Vishnu Puja, Kartik Somvar Vrat dedicated to Lord Shiva, Kartik Deeparadhana (lighting the lamps or diayas), Tulsi Puja, Vanabhojan (garden parties), Kartik Purana Parayana and charity of food and clothes to poor.

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    kartik mass ki har roj purne ki katha honi chahiaa. sarve bvantu sukhina .

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    significance of birth in kartik month in astrology

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    If all water in ponds, lake, river gots power then why its in the morning and not through out the day, when we take bath.