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Kartik Month 2010 – Kartik Maas 2010 in North Indian Calendar

Kartik month or Kartik month, also known as Kartik maas is the most auspicious month for Hindus as it is favorite month for Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Kartik month 2010 begins on 24th October and ends on 21st November as per the Hindu traditional North Indian Hindi calendar followed in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand.

In some places, Kartik month is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva. Lord Kartik is also called as Skanda, Subramanya or Shanmukha. During this month, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Kartik are worshipped. Many important and major festivals are celebrated during the Kartik month.

  • Krishna Paksha in Kartik month 2010 starts on 22nd October and ends on 6th November.
  • Shukla Paksha in Kartik month 2010 starts on 7th November and ends on 21st November in 2010.

Some important festivals in Kartik Month 2010 as per North Indian Hindi calendar:

  • Karva Chauth – 25 October 2010
  • Ahoi Ashtami – 30 October 2010
  • Dhanteras – 3 November 2010
  • Diwali 2009 – 5 November 2010
  • Lakshmi Puja 2010 on Diwali – 5 November 2010
  • Bhai Dhooj 2010 – 7 November 2010
  • Chhat Puja 2010 – 11 November 2010
  • Prabhodini Ekadasi – 17 November 2010
  • Kartik Purnima – 21 November 2010

As per Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada Calendars, Kartik month 2010 begins on November 7th and ends on December 5th.

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