Kartik Masa Vrata – Pujas & Rituals during Karthik Month

Karthika masam or Kartik month is the most auspicious month amongst all 12 Hindu months. According to Hindus, pujas, rituals, other auspicious and prosperous celebrations during Kartik month give them great pleasure and happiness in life because this is the most favorite month for both of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. They believe that praying to Lord during Kartik maas fetches them Moksha (salvation).

In 2022, Kartik Month begins on October 10 and ends on November 8 as per North Indian Hindi Calendar followed in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. In 2022, Kartik Month begins on October 26 and ends on November 23 as per Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada & Telugu & Goa calendars.

The pujas, all other rituals, rules and code during the month are called as Kartika Masa Vratam. There are certain rules and codes to perform Kartika Masa vrata. The Karthika Purana details the rituals and customs to be performed during the month of Karthik.

Various Hindu sacred texts have mentioned the list of basic rituals and customs of Kartika masam.

Kartika Masa Vrata Niyama – Rituals and Rules during Karthika Masam

  1. Devotees should not eat non vegetarian food for whole month of Karthik. Eating non vegetarian food is considered as Brahma Hathya (Killing Lord Brahma).
  2. Devotees follow Nakabhukta or Ekabhuktam during the whole month of Kartik. They take meal only once a day. Some people take fruits or milk in the evening time after performing Puja. If devotees are not able to do so, they follow these customs at least on auspicious days like Karthik Somavar, Karthika Pournami etc.
  3. Devotees take ceremonial or spiritual bath everyday for the whole month.
  4. Devotees light diya every evening and perform Karthika masa puja.
  5. Reciting the Kartik Purana during Kartik month is very auspicious. Atleast one chapter of the Karthika Puranam a day is highly meritorious and gives them the result of visiting Chardham temples (Chardham yatra – four prominent temples for Hindus).
  6. Devotees perform rituals very strictly on most auspicious days of Karthika masam such as Karthika Somavara, Kalashtami, Kushmand Navami, Akshay Navami, Hari Bodhini or Prabodhini Ekadashi, Vaikunth Chaturdashi, Vyasa Puja, Karthika Poornima or Tripura Purnima, Tulasi Vivah (Marriage of Goddess Tulasi).

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  1. royal says:

    can the couple who are performing karthika masa pooja , participate in sex???????????????/

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      It is very good if the couple avoid intercourse (sex) during not only Kartika Maasa pooja but also during any other Puja….

  2. usha says:

    hi karthika purnam has 3o stories rite if we start now at the time of periods wat we have to do??can we read that 30 days book in one day or else every monday 7 days like that can we do????pls reply

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      You can read as per your convenience.. There is no rule that it can be read in one day or in one week… If you read it one chapter a day it will be completed in a month….

  3. sushma says:

    some one is telling we can participate in sex n som r not which is d correct one please tell me

  4. RANGANATH.S.S. says:

    Why people asking every time about sex, can’t be avoid for your sake while doing any vrathas

  5. Tatta Srinivasa Chakravarthi says:

    Kartika masam means “awaken”, “Buddhi” is the major difference between human and other living things, so follow buddhi direction and perform pujas and vratas. I am sorry if I offend anyone with my comments. Though “Sex” is like food, and sleep but the primary concern is only to keep your purusha such as “atmavyi putranam masi” but not as food and sleep

    Jai Srimannarayana!

  6. Anish says:

    Is there any rule that shivrathri vratas should not be taken by woman during periods

  7. Nabendu says:

    eating non veg on amavasya d after shivaratri

  8. Manda says:

    does kartika masam is the best month for the hindu marriage

  9. Paarth says:

    on which months marriage is good for the couple as per hindhu rituals in andhra pradhesh

  10. Chidambar says:

    can we do pournami puja on 24 4 13 evening since we have chandra grahanam

  11. Sankul says:

    can devotees eat non veg during sawaan month

  12. Avinashi says:

    santoshi mata vratha shall we do in ashada masam

  13. Jagatpal says:

    can we eat non veg during saawan days 2017

  14. Atanu says:

    csn we eat nonveg on nag panchami 2017

  15. Dhir says:

    in kartik month we can do shiv puja

  16. Kishan says:

    for some families they will be karthika masam nomulu they should follow the rituals very strictly

  17. Bavishya says:

    how aspicious are the marriages in karthika masam

  18. Kshanika says:

    kartika month is good or not good for marriage

  19. Amoolya says:

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  20. madhu tulasi says:

    Updates about Karthik mass

  21. Manikanta says:

    its nice

  22. biju says:

    what is sci. reason behind this

  23. kulbhushan says:

    what is the result for new born baby
    some pandit says like kartik dosh