Karaka Chaturthi vratam: Sankashti Vinayaka Chavithi in Margashira masam

Karaka Chaturthi vratam is observed on Kartika Krishna paksha Chavithi, the fourth day in the second half of Kartika masam. Karaka Chaturthi 2021 date is November 23. It is mainly observed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and in some parts of Maharashtra by married women.

Karaka Chavithi is also observed as Sankashtai hara Vinayaka Chavithi. This puja is dedicated to Lord Ganesh who is worshipped for wellbeing and prosperity.

On Karaka Chaturthi, women observe fast or upavasam for whole day. After seeing the Moon in the evening, women break their fast and take food. This vratham is concluded with Vrata udyapana after performing for 12 or 16 consecutive years.

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