Karadaiyan Nombu 2023 | Karadayan Vritham

Karadaiyan Nombu, or Karadayan Vritham, also known as Karadayan Savitri Vritham is a vritham dedicated to Goddess Shakti or Kamakshi. Karadaiyan Nombu 2023 date is 15 March.

And the best time for breaking fast and to wear the sacred thread is till 5 AM to 6 AM on 15 March in India. It is observed mainly in Tamil Nadu on the last day in Masi month (February – March).

Married women observe the vritham for marital bliss and unmarried girls worship the Goddess to be blessed with best husband. The vrata is performed in honour of Sathi Savitri who fought with Yama and got her husbands life back.

In 2022, the best time or auspicious time or shubha muhurtham for wearing sacred thread or Nombu Charadu during Karadayan Nombu varies from timezone to timezone in USA. Women also observe fast during the day. They break their fast between the above mentioned times on 15 March 2023.

In UK & Europe, Dubai (UAE) & other Gulf countries, Singapore & Malaysia Karadaiyan Nombu 2023 date is March 15.

In USA and Canada Karadaiyan Nonbu 2023 date is 15 March as per MST, CST & EST timezones. And as per PST, MST and Hawaii TZ, Karadiyan Nonbu date is March 15.

In Singapore and Malaysia, Karadaiyan Nombu 2023 date is 15 March.

In Australia and New Zealand, Karadaiyan Nonbu date is 14 March 2023.

Moonjal Saradu Muhurtham for USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, and many other countries

Panchang, 15 March 2023

Suryodayam (Sunrise) : 06:20 AM
Suryastama (Sunset) : 06:19 PM
Chandrodayam (Moonrise) : 01:52 AM, Mar 16
Chandrastama (Moonset) : 11:33 AM

Today’s Panchangam:

Tithi : Ashtami upto 06:45 PMNavami
Nakshatra : Jyeshtha upto 07:34 AMMula
Yoga : Balava upto 07:37 AM Kaulava upto 06:45 PM Taitila upto 05:46 AM, Mar 16 Garaja
Karana : Siddhi upto 12:53 PM Vyatipata
Weekday : Budhawara
Paksha : Krishna Paksha


Shaka Samvat : 1944 Shubhakruth
Chandramasa : Chaitra – Purnimanta Phalguna – Amanta
Vikram Samvat : 2080 Nala
Gujarati Samvat : 2079 Aananda

Shubh Muhurat:

Abhijit Muhurat : None
Amrit Kalam : 12:19 AM, Mar 16 to 01:50 AM, Mar 16

Time to avoid:

Rahu Kalam : 12:19 PM to 01:49 PM
Yamaganda : 07:50 AM to 09:19 AM
Gulikai Kalam : 10:49 AM to 12:19 PM
Dur Muhurtam : 11:55 AM to 12:43 PM
Varjyam : 03:10 PM to 04:42 PM 04:53 AM, Mar 16 to 06:24 AM, Mar 16

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    Could you please tell me how the auspicious time for Karadaya Nombu is calculated and what would be the auspicious time for it at Australia?


  2. uma says:

    If it is 14th March 2012 morning 09.20 to 09.45 (or whatever it is) then for USA it would be on 13th March NIGHT. In other words all that one has to do is to check what exactly is the time in AUSTRALIA, USA etc when it is 14th March 09.20 AM in India and that is exactly the time for other places, For each place one has to check upSo what is mentioned about timings for USA etc needs to be corrected.

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