Kanya Rashi 2020-2021 Predictions | Virgo Moon Sign Vedic Astrology Predictions

Kanya Rashi 2020-2021 Predictions, Virgo Moon Sign 2020-2021 Vedic Astrology Predictions. Kanni Rasi Palan, Kanya Rasiphalalu, Kanni Rashi predictions 2020-2021.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo moon sign or Virgo zodiac sign) is the sixth among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Kanya Rashi Shani Transit 2020-2023 Predictions

Uttara or Uttara Falguni Nakshatra 2, 3, 4 padas (charans), Hasta Nakshatra, Chitra Nakshatra 1 and 2 charans are categorized under Kanya Rasi.

Those who born between August 24 and September 23 are the natives of Virgo Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

As per Hindu calendar (Panchangam), the year 2020-2021 is Sarvari Nama Samvatsaram. It begins on Ugadi, 25 March 2020 and ends on 12 April 2021.

In Sauramana calendars of Tamil Nadu, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka, and some other calendars, Vikari Nama Samvatsaram begins on April 14 and ends on April 13, 2021.

Aaya Vyaya (Income & Expenditure Ratio) for Kanya Rashi in 2020-2021

Aaya = 2

Vyaya = 11

Rajapujya Avamana (Honor & Dishonor) for Kanya Rashi in 2020-2021

Rajapujya = 4

Avamana = 7

As per the standard Panchangam 2020-2021, Ugadi 2020-2021 Panchanga sravanam details are given here.

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    4. Kandaya Phalams 2020-2021 for all Nakshatrams — good and bad on scale for all Nakshatrams — Link

Graha Sancharam in 2020-2021 for Kanya Rashi

Guru (Jupiter) : From 29 March 2020 to 30 June 2020, Guru will be in 5th House (Rajithamurthi). From 30 June 2020 to 20 November 2020, Guru will be in 4th House (Rajithamurthi). Remaining year, Guru holds the 5th house as Rajithamurthi.

Shani (Saturn) : Shani will be in 5th house (Rajithamurthi) throughout the year.

Rahu : Rahu will be in 10th house till 23 September 2020 (Rajithamurthi) and then till the end of the year, Rahu will be in 9th house. (Tamramurthi).

Ketu : Ketu will be in 4th till 23 September 2020 (Rajithamurthi) and then till the end of the year, Ketu will be in 3rd house. (Tamramurthi).

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Kanya Rashi 2020-2021 General Predictions

Kanya Rashi horoscope 2020 will remain an average to good period for professional life. Major changes are probable in the career field of Virgo natives this year. You would evolve slowly as the year progresses in this area. And tangible results would be visible around the middle of the year. A sense of clarity also comes in your professional side for now.

Irrespective of your field of interest, you would be able to discern things more precisely now. Your strategic approach and courage would help you to achieve your professional ambitions through the year ahead. Particularly those in the business field are in for a major financial breakthrough. This is not a good time though for relocation or job-change for Virgo people.

The love life of Kanya Rashi guys would be status quo as of the previous year. There would be more stability and grounding though. You would be better heard by your partner or lover and gain his or her attention in a positive sense. All sorts of doubts and insecurities in your love life vanish into thin air as the year moves on. But then make sure that your partner does not underestimate you. Some romantic and sensuous encounters are probable for the deserving singles around mid-year.

Kanya Rashi natives would be able to better manage their finances during the year 2020. During this period, you would be much more vigilant towards your financial standing. Keep a tab of your finances, as you might face difficult situations that ask for much financial spending on your part.

Through the year, cultivate a habit to spend just for your needs and not for your desires. This would indirectly increase your savings for future. There might be some expenditure owing to the needs of family and friends. Spend within your means. Be realistic.

Precautions :

  1. Be careful from closed ones. Possibilities are there for cheating. Avoid over trust.
  2. Avoid any arguments and mind your own business.
  3. Maintain good relationships with siblings and relatives otherwise chances of getting loss are likely.
  4. You may face some issues in terms of ancestral properties.
  5. Investment to get profit will incur loss.
  6. Chances of theft of precious things in the house. So keep an eye on domestic help.
  7. Be careful from fire and electrical appliances.

Remedies :

  1. Perform Ganapati Puja. Visit Ganesha Temples and offer Archana.
  2. Support poor students. Donate some books or other educational material to them.
  3. If necessary, perform Ketu Japam.

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  247. Tamal says:

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    10 th guru shani effect on kanya rashi 2013

  249. Meenakshi says:

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  250. Ardhendu says:

    how is june 2013 for kanya rashi hastha nakshatra

  251. Chiman says:

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  252. Dhanvine says:

    effects of guru in 10th house for kanya rashi

  253. Anupa says:

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  254. Nilaruna says:

    jupiter shifted on 31 05 2013 what is the effect of Virgo rashi people

  255. Sahadev says:

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  256. Tabassum says:

    hindu marriage date in 2013 kannada kanya rashi

  257. Haroon says:

    does student get benefit from sade sati of kanya rashi chitra nakshatra 2014

  258. Baasima says:

    what will be the nature of chitra kanya rasi people

  259. Anurati says:

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  263. Jairaj says:

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  264. Harindranath says:

    what is career growth for this year 2013 for hasta nakshatra kanya rashi

  265. Varija says:

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  266. Sujat says:

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  300. VASKAR GHOSH says:

    My DOB is 5/12/1977 at 11:05 PM night Place: Agartala, State: Tripura
    Please tell me when I will get a good job

  301. Anonymous says:

    for kanya raasi which is the good month to shift house . Please let me know guruji

  302. K.R.SUBRAMANIAM says:


  303. a.sundari says:

    my dob:23/02/1989 and my rasi kanni and hastham nakshatra explain my marriage life and about my life partner.

  304. anuradha says:

    Explain my marriage life kanni rasi hastam natchathiram 21.12.1989

  305. Vinoth says:

    i want go to foreign , is it right time for
    kanni rasi
    hastam natchathiram.
    my DOB 04-12-1988.

  306. Suresh Kumar K says:

    Guruji Namaskaram!! I was born on November 1st. 1964 @11:30PM in Chennai, India. I am Kanya rasi Hastha Nakshathram 2nd pada. My wife S. Veena was born on May 13th.1970 @06:43AM. Kadaja rasi Ashlesha Nakshtra & we were married on 16th November 2000. ‘I have a girl Child Aashika born on January 23rd. 2002 @06:52PM she is Rishaba rasi Krithika Nakshatra. I was doing good and doing business in USA. but since I came to India and got married and started my own restaurant business now I lost everything and empty handed. my wife keeps nagging me all the time and keeps fighting with me all the time. I really don’t know what to do. if you could kindly provide me a solution ro come out of this situation. If I try to go abroad will it be favourable to me. If I try to go to New Zealand will I have the luck to go and settledown there. please let me know. How is my fortune right now. Thanks a million to you Guruji. I am in a confused state now. please send me positive result ASAP.thanks.

  307. Ritu sahu says:

    My DOB is 28/08/1987 at 01:30 am
    night Place: dhamtari, State: Chhattisgarh
    Please tell my marriage and carrer life

  308. chandra sekhar says:

    In this year am planing to marriage and change of job i request you to please let me know their is right time in this year and how was my futher about carrier and family life, what about marriage, any dosham is their,

  309. Pradeep Shrivastava says:

    I have lost job this year (2015). When will I get a permanent job this year?Will my previous job owner will call me back?

  310. Pradeep Shrivastava says:

    Date of birth 09/09/1964. Lost job this year. When will I get job again?

  311. Vaibhav Aghor says:

    Dear Sir,

    Iam vaibhav from Mumbai my kundali is as follows:-
    07 January 1972, 18:17 pm Mumbai.Kanya rashi, Hasta Nakshatra,1 charan, Dev Gan.I want to know when my sade sathi will end because Iam facing lots of problems financially and emotionally.I dont have a decent job so there are problems in my relationship. Iam in slaes and working like a dog but no result. iam actually living on the mehebani of my boss and he has made a puppet out of me. Please help me sir I dont see any way.What Upasana should I do to enhance my wellbeing.

    Vaibhav Aghor

  312. Pradip Ahir says:

    o god u bleese me to reach my ambition

  313. Pradeep Gohel says:

    I m teacher in school. I want permanent job as a government or central government job.
    Name Pradeep Gohel
    D O B 23sept1976
    Birth time 8:15 pm night
    Place of birth Mumbai

    I want to know about when I will get permanent government job.

  314. ramadevi says:

    sir I want to know about my marriage and future my rashi vigro 22-5-1994 and i will go abroad are not sir please give me reply

  315. pradeep says:

    The sir my date of birth 3/1/78 sir I have lot of problems related to money and property from 10years plz what happed sir

  316. Gitasree Koley says:

    Sir I want to know about my marriage. My rasi is vargo and my boyfriend’s rasi is shimho.My birth date is 23/10/1992 at 11.50 and my boyfriend’s birth date is 12/2/1989 ( Name Santu Santra.).pls pls reply me.

  317. Anil says:

    Dear Sir,

    my self Anil.. hasta nakhatra, kanya rashi. makar lagna.
    please help me, i have no job last 2year. how can i got a good job & when?

    please reply me..

  318. Leena says:

    Dear sir
    This leena from Maldives working as a teacher my date of birth is1977sptember18 this whole life time I am suffering no goodness in married life .I have an affair with some one .everything going wrong.why this is happening sir .any hope to lead a peaceful life

  319. kanna Rao says:

    Dear sir,
    this kanna rao from Ghaziabad working as civil engineer in L&T ltd, my dare of bith 25/10/1981 and time 8.50 a.m.
    I want the transfer to visakhapatnam (home town) from ghaziabad, is it possible ,if possible then when will be happened. kindly reply as soon as possible.

    kanna rao

  320. calling name chandru janmanam shanmukh says:

    please sar healp me sar how is feauature. which colour dress used, which direction used, which puja worship

    dear sar my calling name chandrashekhar m pujari.my janm name shanmukh. my date of birth 11-feb-1974

  321. Sanjiv kumar nigam says:

    Naukri kab tak milegi aur jivan me sukh shanti kab milegi

  322. RAJMOHAN says:

    I am born on 27.11.1956, Except of the age between 28 to 38 life was good, everything is going wrong had an affair even that has gone. Now in a new job , job always was a problem even after hard work.

    When will have good times before death ???

  323. ORAKASH says:

    Dear sir i am prakash my bir date is 22.11.1977 i am busenes man (elrctronics) buseness very low & mony big probleam how to sollow sir pleas sir

  324. prabhjot kaur says:

    dear sir i am prabhjot kaur my birth date is 4.05.1993. i am student and i have got very loss in my studies and i am facing many problems. now how can solve this problem. so plz help me sir.

  325. oh god u bless me to reach my success in my life

  326. Pradeep says:

    iam trying for job and not getting suceed in which i am trying and getting misunderstandings between friends.can any one suggest me for the solution please.

  327. Swapan Jana says:

    Sir My Name is Swapan Jana and my date of birth is 15th April”1965, birth place at Kolkata time 5.50P.M.
    I am a Civil Contractor.Now I am facing many problem in business. Sir please help me how I have improve my income.

  328. Lakshmidhar says:

    My date of birth 15th October 1963 and Uttaraphalguni Kanya Rasi 12/06. Kindly let me know the present good & bad period and how can I over come the difficulties regarding finance if any bad period continues now.

  329. kilson says:

    Hi my name is kison my date of birth 23/11/1993 kanya raasi do I have any chanses to go abroad this year end I need to w ls reply

  330. Suresh K M Nair says:

    Sir, ente dob 3-sep-1970. Upto 2008 Dec all was well. on feb 2009 i left for Saudi Arabia. Since then problems particularly family related started. Relationship with Wife and In’laws very bad. in 2013 there was a big fight with them and almost reached divorce. However, due to children future had patience. Still in Saudi however I do not feel any happiness for a long time now. Just living like that. I am dedicating myself for a good job however, till today all is negative in all fields. Pls advise.
    Best Regards
    Suresh-Saudi Arabia

  331. N.Parameswaran says:

    My date of birth 16-02-1960 place of birth AJMEER (RAJASTHAN) HOW IS MY TIME NOW ONWARDS.

  332. Subha@subhashini says:

    my date of birth 14.10.1993 and hasta star kanya raasi …my close friend 5years deeply close to me but last one year she cheat to me and she keep the friendship for another girl so, most of the conflicts came to me&my friend now we are divided in life. She come back or not pls say

  333. paragon.m says:

    My name is paragon.m date of birth is 14.10 1985 chitra nakshathram I want konw what is my job type to go up

  334. Sushant says:

    Yes i like & believe evry words given by Hindupad as my rashi & star….I also want to know my future & job carrier my DOB is 12-june-1989 & time evening between 5.30pm to 6pm….plz mail me about my job carrier…

  335. tulasi says:

    sir iam very happy to listen the astrology predictions of kanya rasi , chitra nakshathram (08 march 1996) .i work hard to get government job .can you assure that i got government job according to my astrology predictions.

  336. Varghese says:

    My dob is 05/12/1977, when will i get married?,when my financial problems solved?

  337. deepika says:

    sir,recently i finished my mtech and iam very seriously preparing for groups and my main intention is to get govt job in my life .is there is any chance to get govt job in my career.my birth details is given below
    birth time:5:49am
    birth date:17/7/1991

  338. puttaraju kl says:


    my name puttaraju kl
    dob 7/3/1958
    time 7.31 am
    karnataka.hosa durga taluk ramagiri my birth
    up to 2008 iam fine.everithing i get.(1989 to 2005 worked out of country iam garment production manager)
    i came india i worked 2 3 place,but i am not satisfi. after i starated my own business super market.i lost everithing. now no work.now i am begging.can get job.what do pls tell me & give some diraction for futuer

  339. Jyothsna says:

    Hi ..my name is Jyothsna born on 12th February 1982
    I could like to about me ,my family &about how many children I will be having and thier future

  340. Laxmi Sujata says:

    Namaste Guruji,

    I am Kanya rashi Utara Nakshatra ; and I am planning a house to be bought after August 2017 … How is the grah dasha and how will be the support from my mom and dad .

  341. p.peeranbasha says:

    good mages

  342. Avishek Acharjee says:

    HI MY NAME IS AVISHEK ACHARJEE my D.O.B is 24/th july 1993 , time -8-45 AM , saturday . now I am taking preparation for govt job , is there any chance for me to get govt job in this year ? I am in very much truble , so please help me giving advice for my career , and whether I will continue this preparation or will go for another study from 2017 , sir please help me already I have lost 1 and 1/2 year for this preparation .

  343. palak says:

    i like to know always my rashi and fuchar

    Thank you.

  344. Shilpa says:

    I am applying for teacher govt job in navamber what is resalte

  345. Prema Bisht says:

    Actually i want to start a cosmetic shop in Dwarka Delhi from January, So kindely adviced me That how can set up my shop like whole shop set up according my kanya rashi.


  346. Madan says:

    Please check my future

  347. C R DAS says:

    Dear Sir, Could you please quote for Kanya rashi prediction for year 2017 . My DOB and other details may be shared with you on mail.

  348. sugasini says:

    hi i m sugasini.i was born 23/9/1993 at 10.30am. i dont know my star and rasi.please tell me my rasi and star

  349. A.Sanjeeva says:

    My son, M.S.Sujanpal, born at Kasaragod on 20.6.1991. I like to know about his future. May I get through this?

  350. Prabhu Prasad Lenka says:

    Sir, At present i was idle before upto jan 2017 i was worked in qatar but at work place so mismanagement occurred on that reason i was resign and came to india till now i was searching for job but it was coming to near to me and Skip from hands, recently my left hand and left foot are itching,so in view of can whwn i will get my job, birth date:21-04-1971,time early morning of Tuesday 03,10hrs, place:visakhapatnam,A.P, let tell me future. At present i was on so mamy problems.

  351. Prabhu Prasad Lenka says:

    Sir, Namasthe, My name Prabhu Prasad Lenka, My life was not standard because if i worked for 2-3 continuously 03-04months breakup,again job search for me no properties on my legs i was leading my family I was an stores keeper job worked in india& abroad, when i was working saudi arabia my mother was expired what was earnef all was collapsed,again back to pavilion, recently i went to qatar there was mismanagement so i resigned and came back to india in jan 2017,till now i was searching for job it was coming to me and skip away from my hand,so please help me whether when i can get job,because i was in problems, date of birth-21-04-1971 , time:03.10pm early morning of Tuesday, place:visakhapatnam,A.P, again whether i have any chance in gulf location, to save my problems, please mentioned Sir.,


    Namasthe how to lead happy life i need advise

  353. AnnaPurna says:

    i am going to go for detoxification in april month, meanwhile i read this. wow, you!!.:).

  354. prasad says:

    instead of updating on present age your links still go to durmukhi nama samvatsara. instead OF HEMALAMBI.

  355. prasad says:

    poorly maintained site

  356. PRATHAP says:

    I am PRATHAP. My date of birth 30-12-1988 time 8:05pm Friday born..My problem is my life waste because love failure, job failure, totally my life????. Past 5 years I am not working in any kind of job simple idle my carrier gone.. now I am searching any job.. why God will not help him..I hate God.. but one thing now I try to any kind job. Even I am a helping nature to people but God will not help me.

  357. MEGHANA REDDY says:

    8TH SEP 1983
    TIME:9:30 AM

    27TH NOV 1980
    TIME: 8PM

  358. Rajaram Iyer says:

    My Name is Rajaram Iyer
    Date of Birth:- 31-March-1980
    Time of Birth:-12.24PM.
    Rashi:- kanya
    Birth Place – Sindri(India)
    I was working in abroad UAE. Last year May 2017 i lost my Job. Presently i am in Mumbai desperately trying for overseas job, but i am not getting.
    When i will get the job offer from overseas?

  359. Ajihkumar says:


    My name is Ajithkumar
    date of bith-12th august 1972
    time of birth- 1.30pm
    Birth place – Kerala, Ernakulam district
    Please predict my future,

  360. karari Srinivas says:

    Please send me the ‘ketu japam’ mantra & process
    Thanking you

  361. S.Raja Rajeswari says:

    Sir,myself S.Raja Rajeswari,I am kanni raasi,hastha natchathram,DOB 15.7.1994 birth time around 12-1pm day.I would like to know about my future in terms of job,property,marriage,children and my parents. Thank you Sir

  362. Rajamohan says:

    My name is Rajamohan -dob 18.07.1953, please predict my future whether I can a new job currently I am retired.

  363. Puneet kumar says:

    मेरा नाम पुनीत कुमार
    रात ११.३५
    अमुरतसर पंजाब india

  364. Pooja says:

    My name is pooja n my D.O.B is 29/08/1984 n my birth sign is Knya.
    Can u pls advice me I m in Australia struggling for PR from last year n now I have visa till DEC. Can u pls advice me that I will get PR in AUS yes or no.

  365. D Shivakumar says:

    Dear sir my name is D Shivakumar I am kanya rasi asper moon sign hasta 2 padam .my date birth is 28 06 1955 time of birth is 158 am place of birth is nizamabad Telangana. Kindly tell me whether I will get job or not if so when and where.

  366. Rahul says:

    Dear Sir, I am try for job in foreign land.

  367. Rahul says:

    Dear Sir, I am try for job in foreign land. My DOB is 20/07/1969 and time is 1.05 am (night of 19 night and early morning of 20th July) and place of birth is Delhi. Please advise if I will get the job.

  368. Simran Sachanandani says:

    My birth name is poonam.my birth date is 31-10-1975.i was born at 5:15 pm.can u tell me when i ll get a big house .

  369. Sharath As says:

    D O B / 06/04/1993
    Birth time/ 07:35 pm
    Brith place / puttur D.k
    Hasta nakshatra/ Kanya rashi
    Can you tell me how is my future/ and I’m starting one business is it good

  370. Prasanth.M says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am prasanth, my date of birth is 28-11-1986.
    I got an offer from China in pharmaceutical Field but so many obstacles for getting the Visa and current existing job also resigned. Please let me know status of my abroad status and let me Know if any pooza need to do

  371. Ravi says:

    Hello Sir

    My DOB is 040574 and time is 09:30 am place Mumbai . Pls can u tell me as I am facing financial loses and execessive debts

  372. ramyamohan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Myself ramya , i m kanni raasi uthiram natchatharam
    My date of birth is 14-7-1994, birth time 4.15 am thursday
    I would like to know about my future terms of job ,property ,future,children and my parents

  373. Anupama Shanmugam says:

    Dear Sir
    My name is Anupama Shanmugam dob 24/09/1976 time 11 :55 pm birth place port blair

  374. Muzammil says:

    Hi sir/mam
    My name is muzammil…

    My son
    Dob : 21/9/2017
    Time :4:14 pm
    Day : Thursday
    Place: vadodra (gujrat)

    Any Muslim name sugest please urgent..

    Mo: 9824851260.

  375. Sandhya says:

    Hi Sir ,
    I am sandhya my dob is 22-05-1994 kanya rashi , chitta nakshatra . I am facing issues In my career ,kindly suggest suitable job and good time to switch company. Thank you !

  376. Raveena says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is raveena.my dob is 6/10/1994, time-4:59a.m,plz tell about my career,may i get d job or not.

  377. j.arulmozhi says:

    my name is j.arulmozhi.my dob is 4/11/1999.kanya rasi,uthra natchathram.i just want to know about marriage life