Kamlawati Kachru

Smt. Kamlawati Kachru was born in a pious family at Srinagar during the year 1905. Her birth name was Radha. Since her father was died at her young age, she helped her mother in her household chores. Mata Kachru was a pious soul who concentrated her full attention in spirituality and meditation.

Kamlawati used to be in a Samadhi state at an Ashram in a village in Anantnag, and she made Swami Govind Kaul as her Guru, and become his successor. Kamalawati was very much advanced in her kriya yoga and used to sing Bhakti songs on Mata Durga Devi.

Kamlawati healed the people through her spiritual powers, and acted as a saviour for her devotees.There is an Ashram at Mahinder Nagar in memory of Kamlawati and special pujas are organised there regularly.


1. Believe in worshipping Mata Durga Devi. She would do wonders in your life.

2. Learn the divine subjects and get yourself guided by a proper guru.

3. Remove the fear from your mind, by chanting the names of the god regularly.

4. Take care of your health, and fill up with full of spiritual energy in your mind.

5. Do meditation regularly.

6. Avoid fighting with others, since that would cause lot of problems in your life.

7. Divinity and Humanity must be adopted to get enlightenment.

8. Show kindness even with your enemies, and never behave harshly with others.

9. Do charitable works, and live your life for the sake of others.

Let us worship Mata Kamlawati and be blessed.


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