Kamadeva (Manmatha) | God of Human Love, Desire



Kamadeva is also called as Manmatha, is the god of loveand appears with his consort Rati Devi, who was the daughter of Lord Daksha Bhagawan. Kamadeva was created by Lord Brahma in order to introduce love among the people, and also for the creation of people.He and his consort reside in the Indra Loka, also called as Swarga Loka.

Kamadeva was mentioned in Vedas and other Hindu texts. Kamadeva is considered as an important demi god, who develops love among the young couple, and helps them to maintain their relationship in a proper manner. He was very handsome and contains glittering face and he performs his duties with the help of his sugarcane bow and arrows made out of fragrant flowers and his vehicle is a divine parrot. He is controlled by Lord Indra Bhagawan and he discharges his duties as per his instructions.

Once, due to the orders of Lord Indra, and since the divine devas were suffered from the clutches of the demon king Tarakasura, Kamadevainvoked his flower arrows on Lord Shiva, in order to create the divine child Lord Muruga. But Lord Shiva had opened his third eye, and burnt him into ashes. After the repeated request made by his consort Rati Devi to Lord Shiva, Kamadeva was born as Pradyumna, who was the beloved son of Lord Krishna and Mata Rukmani Devi in the dwaparayuga, and after the end of his life, he had regained his original form and began to perform his duties in the Indra loka.

There is an ancient temple of Kamdev in a village at Kamrup district in Assam. But now the temple structure was entirely damaged.

Kamadeva can be worshipped especially by the newly married couples, and they can chant the mantra “OM SRI KAMADEVAYA NAMAHA”, in order to live a happy married life.

Let us worship the love god and be blessed.

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