Kama Dahana Devi

Shakti Ammal

Shakti Ammal

Ma Shakti Devi is also known as Kama Dahana Devi, since she destroys the fire of “LUST” from our mind, and makes us into pure and perfect. Sri Kamakshi Devi is a popular form of Ma Shakti Devi, who holds the sugarcane bow on one of her hands, in order to redirect our ugly mind into an enlightened one. With her sugarcane bow, she gently rubs on our body, and after getting the divine touch, we would get relieved from our sensual pleasures, and would get great addiction, attraction and devotion on the holy mother, Ma Kamakshi Amman. She also keeps Lord Chandra on her head and a beautiful parrot on her tender hand, and she appears with an attractive smile on her face, and she contains great divine beauty.

We might be also having the question in our mind, that if Ma Kamakshi Devi is ready to turn us from bad pathinto good path, then why there are so many bad people, who commits crimes like rape and giving sexual abuse to our mothers and sisters in the world?

The answer for the question is, Ma Kamakshi is willing to correct even the bad ones within a fraction of second, but for that, they have to offer their prayers to the holy goddess at least once in their life time. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, “If you remember me, and keep me in your mind, then I am ready to come before you and rescue you immediately, but if you forget about me, and if you hate me through ignorance, then how come you could expect me to save you from your troubles?”. Likewise, in order to become a good person, and if we want ourselves to be freed from our bad habits like lust, we have to worship Ma Shakti Devi at least once in a day. Without putting effort, nothing would happen.

Ma Shakti Devi also has names like “KAMALAKSHI”, one who sits in the lotus flower, and purifies the mind of her devotees, “KAMAKHYA”, one who controls our lust, and inculcate more and more spiritual energy in our mind, “DURGA DEVI”, one who gives victory in all of our tasks, “KALI DEVI”, one who removes the bad elements from us, “AINGARI”, one who contains five hands, “ESWARI”, one who gives all kinds of prosperity in our life, “MUNEESWARI”, one who appears in the form of a female saint, “KALADEVI”, one who gives good education, with good name and fame, “RUDRADEVI”, a form of Lord Shiva, “PARIPURNAVATHI”, one who is perfect in all aspects, “PUNNAGAISELVI”, one who appears with a pleasing divine smile, and who steals the souls of her devotees.

At this present situation, since Kali Purusha induces us to commit more and more crimes, it is a must for us to offer our daily prayers to Ma Shakti Devi, in order to get rid from the clutches of Lord Kali Purusha, since he is also considered to be a demi-god, who was created out of the powers of Lord Brahma.It is also believed that whoever chants the names of Ma Maha Shakti Devi would be blessed by Lord Kali Purusha himself, and he would not give troubles to them in their lives.


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