Ma Kali Devi Songs by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

ramakrishna paramahamsa

ramakrishna paramahamsa

Ma Shakti Devi is the holy mother Parvati Devi, and she is the consort of Lord Shiva. She is worshipped in various forms by various sects of people. Among her popular incarnations, Ma Kali, Ma Durga, Ma Bhairavi and Ma Prithyangira Devi appear in fierce forms, and they are mainly worshipped in order to get rid from diseases and from enemy related problems. Lot of temples are there for Ma Shakti Devi and to her various incarnations. The Devi Mahatmya Purana tells about the glories of Ma Shakti Devi, and it covers the entire details about her.

Ancient sages worshipped Ma Shakti Devi as the holy mother goddess, and they have done it for getting peace of mind and also to bring peace to the entire universe. Many demons fought with her by thinking her as an ordinary female, but later they have died in her hands, and attained salvation. Ma Shakti had attained more popularity after her significance was known to many ancient kings, and as per her orders, lot of temples were built by the kings, and still now, lot of temple shrines are dedicated to Ma Shakti Devi throughout the world. Though in Shiva temples, she appears along with her consort Lord Shiva, but in temples like Kamakshi Amman Temple, Mangadu, separate shrine is dedicated for her.

The great saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had praised Ma Kali Devi, and it is believed that he had got the darshan of Ma Kali Devi for several times in his life time.

Some of the contents present from his beautiful songs on Ma Kali Devi are as follows:-

Oh Ma Kali Mata, you wears skulls as garland, you appears in fierce form to the evil minded people, and you takes the form of a Beautiful

Divine Mother for the good ones, and after seeing your divine beauty, I doesn’t want to see any other normal thing in this world.You contain various weapons on your several hands, and in one of your hands, you bless your devotees, and your vehicle is the holy lion.

You are wearing beautiful ornaments and you brightly shine similar to million suns, and you look very pretty.

Om Ma Shakti Devi, I am worshipping you as Kali, since you are the originator, and even the Devas do not fully understand about your significance.

You attract everyone by your pleasing personality and you are also worshipped by the demigods, goddesses, sages and saints.

You are the one who grants salvation and also acts as the wish fulfilling tree.

You fulfill the reasonable needs of your devotees, and you are the one, who shows them the spiritual path in their lives.

You love your true devotees, and you always dwell in the souls of those people who are pure and pious in nature.

You are the one, who gives happiness to your devotees, and you remove the darkness and show the light to your devotees, and you are the one who is known by various names.

Sometimes your Leelas cannot be fully realised by us, since we are ordinary humans. Please show us the bhakti path, and pardon our mistakes.

Jai Kali Ma, those who meditate you by considering you as the supreme goddess would become your main devotees, and thereafter you would be fully occupied in their souls.

Jai Kali Ma, since you are my divine mother please remove the sins and make me to reside at your holy feet permanently.

Oh Ma Kali Mata, you are capable of changing a small ant into an elephant and an elephant into a small ant through your divine powers. Your powers are unimaginable, unlimited and unthinkable by us.

Oh Ma Kali Mata, several saints and holy people gather before your temples in order to get your divine vision. Please show your wonderful form to them, and bless them.

Oh Kali Mata, your divine plays cannot be known by us, since we contain only limited powers. Please put a permanent seat next to you in your holy abode, since I always want to see your divine face again and again.


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