Kalabhairava Namavali | Names of Lord Kalabhairava



Kala Bhairava is a Hindu god and he is considered as an avatar of Lord Shiva. He is also referred in Buddhist texts. He is worshipped all over India, and also in some Asian countries.
He is the one who destroys fear from the minds of human beings and gives courage, wisdom, knowledge and boldness. By worshipping him, we will be able to face any difficult situations with ease. Bhairava mainly safe guards his sincere devotees from their enemies. He is regarded as the supreme protector of the entire universe.

Once, Lord Brahma has also got five heads similar to Lord Shiva. Due to that he has become pride, and considered himself as the supreme deity.In order to control his pride, Lord Shiva took the form of Kala Bhairava and removed one of Brahma’s heads. Due to the action of Kala Bhairava, Lord Brahma’s ego was controlled and he surrendered at the feet of Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava, is said to be safe guarding the Shakti peeths. Since bhairava was created by Lord Shiva, he is also considered as his son. Bhairava usually appears in the standing form with four hands. His vehicle is dog.

Bhairava is also worshipped as Ashta Bhairavas.

1. Asithanga Bhairavar
2. Chanda Bhairavar
3. Kapala Bhairavar
4. Krodha Bhairavar
5. Unmatta Bhairavar
6. Bhishana Bhairavar
7. Ruru Bhairavar
8. Samhara Bhairavar

Bhairavaprotects the persons suffering from mental and physical weakness and also protects the women. He also relieves us from various dreaded diseases and gives us sound mind and a sound body. He helps us to do our activities properly in our daily life, and boosts our spiritual energy.

He is the reliever of the sins of the people and makes us to do good karmic deeds and also relieves us from navagraha doshams.

Bhairava is worshipped by lot of devotees in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi and at the KalBhairav temple, Ujjain.

Kala Bhairava is the Guru of Lord Shani Bhagavan. His birth day is celebrated as Kala-Bhairava Jayanti. KalaBhairava’s temples are found all over India.

We can praise Lord Kala Bhairava by reciting his 108 marvellous names as given below:

1) Om BhairavayaNamah
2) Om BhutanathayaNamah
3) Om BhutatmaneNamah
4) Om BhutabhavanayaNamah
5) Om KshetrajnayaNamah
6) Om KshetrapalayaNamah
7) Om KshetradayaNamah
8) Om KshatriyayaNamah
9) Om VirajeNamah
10) Om ShmashanavasineNamah
11) Om MansashineNamah
12) Om KharparashineNamah
13) Om SmarantakayaNamah
14) Om RaktapayaNamah
15) Om PanapayaNamah
16) Om SiddhayaNamah
17) Om SiddhidayaNamah
18) Om SiddhisevitayaNamah
19) Om KankalayaNamah
20) Om KalashamanayaNamah
21) Om KalakashthatanaveNamah
22) Om KavayeNamah
23) Om TrinetrayaNamah
24) Om BahunetrayaNamah
25) Om PingalalochanayaNamah
26) Om ShulapanayeNamah
27) Om KhadgapanayeNamah
28) Om KankalineNamah
29) Om DhumralochanayaNamah
30) Om AbhiraveNamah
31) Om BhairavinathayaNamah
32) Om BhutapayaNamah
33) Om YoginipatayeNamah
34) Om DhanadayaNamah
35) Om DhanaharineNamah
36) Om DhanavateNamah
37) Om PratibhanavateNamah
38) Om NagaharayaNamah
39) Om NagakeshayaNamah
40) Om VyomakeshayaNamah
41) Om KapalabhriteNamah
42) Om KalayaNamah
43) Om KapalamalineNamah
44) Om KamaniyayaNamah
45) Om KalanidhayeNamah
46) Om TrilochanayaNamah
47) Om JvalannetrayaNamah
48) Om TrishikhineNamah
49) Om TrilokapayaNamah
50) Om TrinetratanayayaNamah
51) Om DimbhayaNamah
52) Om ShantayaNamah
53) Om ShantajanapriyayaNamah
54) Om BatukayaNamah
55) Om BahuveshayaNamah
56) Om KhatvangavaradharakayaNamah
57) Om BhutadhyakshayaNamah
58) Om PashupatayeNamah
59) Om BhikshukayaNamah
60) Om ParicharakayaNamah
61) Om DhurtayaNamah
62) Om DigambarayaNamah
63) Om ShaurineNamah
64) Om HarinayaNamah
65) Om PandulochanayaNamah
66) Om PrashantayaNamah
67) Om ShantidayaNamah
68) Om SiddhayaNamah
69) Om ShankarapriyabandhavayaNamah
70) Om AshtamurtayeNamah
71) Om NidhishayaNamah
72) Om JnanachakshusheNamah
73) Om TapomayayaNamah
74) Om AshtadharayaNamah
75) Om ShadadharayaNamah
76) Om SarpayuktayaNamah
77) Om ShikhisakhyeNamah
78) Om BhudharayaNamah
79) Om BhudharadhishayaNamah
80) Om BhupatayeNamah
81) Om BhudharatmajayaNamah
82) Om KankaladharineNamah
83) Om MundineNamah
84) Om NagayajnopavitakayaNamah
85) Om JrimbhanayaNamah
86) Om MohanayaNamah
87) Om StambhineNamah
88) Om MaranayaNamah
89) Om KshobhanayaNamah
90) Om ShuddhayaNamah
91) Om NilanjanaprakhyayaNamah
92) Om DaityaghneNamah
93) Om MundabhushitayaNamah
94) Om BalibhujeNamah
95) Om BalibhunnathayaNamah
96) Om BalayaNamah
97) Om BalaparakramayaNamah
98) Om SarvapattaranayaNamah
99) Om DurgayaNamah
100) Om DushtabhutanishevitayaNamah
101) Om KamineNamah
102) Om KalanidhayeNamah
103) Om KantayaNamah
104) Om KaminivashakridvashineNamah
105) Om SarvasiddhipradayaNamah
106) Om VaidyayaNamah
107) Om PrabhaveNamah
108) Om VishnaveNamah

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