What is Kailash

What is Kailash?

Kailash is a mountain, it is in China. It is a very tough journey. It takes several weeks.
So many times people have asked me to come, but I say the Alps are equally snowy and nice.

It is the same as going to Switzerland. In Switzerland you have comfortable roads and comfortable places. There you have to be in tents and in the cold, there is no heating. If you want to take an adventure where there are no tress, tough cold weather, walking long distance, higher altitude, difficulty in oxygen and all that, you can take a journey there (to Kailash).

Kailash means where there is only joy. Las means joy; positive energy. Kailash means where there is only positive energy; only celebration. That’s Kailash. That’s life! And that vibration you can generate anywhere! I feel wherever I am, we generate such a positive atmosphere. You don’t need to go to a place to find positive energy.

There is a proverb in Sanskrit which says, wherever people meditate, wherever the saints are, that becomes a holy place. There is a saint in every one of you. If you all sit and meditate the atmosphere becomes much lighter.

Of course, in Kailash there are no people, no housing, there is no inhabitation there, but people go. It is okay for them to go. Personally I am not saying you will get some special energy only when you go there. No! It is right here (indicating the heart area). You go in, you will find that energy.

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