Kaikeyi in Ramayana

Kaikeyi was one of the queens of King Dasharatha, and she was the daughter of the Kekaya King Ashwapati, and the sister of Yudhajit. Kaikeyi maintained good relations with her brother and parents even after she married with King Dasharath. Kaikeyi was a noble woman and she used to accompany her husband Dasharatha during his war, and helped him to won in the battles.

Kaikeyi was a kind hearted woman, and at the same time she loved her son Bharath very much. And due to that, when her maid Manthara had ill advised her to crown her son Bharath as the Prince of Ayodhya, she readily agreed, and accordingly she convinced King Dasaratha, and asked him to ban Lord Rama from Ayodhya, and to crown her son Bharath as the prince of Ayodhya. King Dasaratha had agreed her wishes, since he had previously promised to give boons to her, and worriedly sent his son Rama to the forest.

Though in Ramayana, the character of Kaikeyi was mentioned as a cruel and wicked queen, in general, she was a kind woman and treated the people of Ayodhya in a good manner. She also liked Rama very much, and showered her love and affection on him, but due to bad fate, she has acted in a rude manner, and because of that, Lord Rama, had to suffer for 14 years in the forest.

After her death, due to the grace of Lord Rama, she has attained SALVATION.


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