Jupiter in 5th House, Brihaspati in Santhana Bhava

Jupiter in 5th House, Brihaspati in Santhana Bhava – what it indicates?

When Jupiter is in House No. 5 the person will be a Lord of humanity and full of respect and honour. The children will be like pearls in a chain. When Saturn is in House No. 9 in the natal chart or in annual transit it will give excellent results. When the rahu is exalted he will be like a king.

Positive effects of Jupiter in House No. 5

He will prosper with each addition to his family and his wisdom will help him to dominate the world. His business will flourish as long as he remains honest. If a son is born on Thursday it will supplement his power and position. Luck will remain dormant till the birth of such a child. The person will be knowledgeable but will be short tempered.

When rahu is benefic the native will be in a strong position and have a large number of loyal subordinates. When House No. 9 is occupied by friendly planets like Sun, Moon, Mars he will have no shortage of money or children. His progeny will grow and achieve higher status. When Saturn is in House No. 9 the birth of a son on Saturday will give prosperity for 60 years but no benefit from things and relatives connected with Jupiter. When Saturn is in an exalted position there will be increasing honour and respect and Jupiter will be even more benefic.

Negative effects of Jupiter in House No. 5

When Ketu is in House No. 11, if he takes money in the name of religion or charity he will remain issueless and die penniless. When Ketu is poor there will be poor progeny. When Mercury, Venus, rahu or Saturn is present in House No. 2, 5, 9, 11, 12, even if his children or not bad he’ll destroy himself. His condition will remain bad for a long time but improve later. If Ketu is not in bad shape in House No. 5, 9 even then effect of Jupiter in House No. 5 will be destroyed.

However in this case the impact will be on maternal uncle or his children and not on himself. The remedy for this will be to take the help of Ketu. When rahu is in House No. 9 Jupiter will be  ineffective but will not disappear. When rahu is malefic he’ll have a bad period all-around and be like a sadhu begging for alms.

Fifth House in Horoscope

This house represents the progeny of the native and his relationship with them. It also indicates his creativity, writing and his past good karmas and its effects. The heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mental illness and problems related to pregnancy are indicated by this house. Read more about the Fifth House.

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