July 2011 Full Moon date – Ashada Purnima in 2011

Purnima or the Full Moon day in Hinduism is known as the auspicious day for any puja or other religious rituals. July 2011 Purnima is known as Ashada Purnima or Guru Purnima or Ved Vyas Purnima. Date of Purnima in July 2011 is July 15. It falls in Ashad month hence referred to as Ashad Purnima or Maha Ashadhi.

Guru Purnima, dedicated to Sage Veda Vyasa, is celebrated with lot of gusto in all temples. Shirdi Saibaba Temples, Dattatreya Mandirs, Vyasa Bhagavan Mandirs, Shankara Peetha or Shankar Mutt, etc. are the best places to visit during Guru Purnima.

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