Jaya Ekadasi 2019 | Jaya Ekadashi Vrat

Jaya Ekadasi is observed on Magh Shukla Ekadashi day, the eleventh day during Shukla Paksha in Magh month. In 2019, Jaya Ekadashi date is February 16.

While Magh month is the auspicious month for Shiva puja and this Ekadasi is auspicious for Vishnu Puja. On this day, Lord Vishnu and Shiva both are worshipped. Observing Jaya Ekadasi Vrat gives the devotees the opportunity to get rid of the sins and to get salvation.

The legend or story or Jaya Ekadasi Vrat katha is mentioned in the Padma Purana. It is explained as a conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhistira.  Jaya Ekadasi is known as Bhishma Ekadashi or Bhauma Ekadasi in South India.

It is said by Yudhisthira Maharaja to the lord shree Krishna. Once, Lord Shree Krishna said to yudhishtira about Jaya ekadashi, which obliterates all kinds of sinful reactions and demonic influences affecting the spirit soul.  Long time ago Lord Indra who was ruling his celestial kingdom, use to drink ambrosia in the forest of Nandana. Read on for full story..

Panchang, 16 February 2019

Suryodayam (Sunrise) 07:02 Suryastamaya (Sunset) 18:19
Chandrodayam (Moonrise)14:53 Chandrastama (Moonset)28:45

Today’s Panchangam
Paksha (Fortnight) Shukla Paksha
Tithi (Lunar Day) Ekadashi – 11:01
Nakshatra Ardra – 19:06
Yoga Priti – 24:01*
Karana Bava – 21:40

Today’s Panchang
Purnimanta Month Maagha
Amavasyanta Month Maagha
Shaka Samvatsara: Vilambi
Vikram Samvat Varsha: Virodhikruthi
Rahu Kalam: 09:51 – 11:16
Gulika Kalam: 07:02 – 08:27
Yama Gandam: 14:05 – 15:30

Today’s Rashi
Ravi Rashi (Sun Sign) Kumbha
Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) Mithuna

Auspicious Time
Amrita Kalam 09:50 – 11:19
Abhijit: 12:18 – 13:03

Time to Avoid
Varjyam Kalam 29:56* – 31:23*
Durmuhurthams: 07:47 – 08:33

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