Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story

It is said by Yudhisthira Maharaja to the lord shree Krishna. Once, Lord Shree Krishna said to yudhishtira about Jaya ekadashi, which obliterates all kinds of sinful reactions and demonic influences affecting the spirit soul.  Long time ago Lord Indra who was ruling his celestial kingdom, use to drink ambrosia in the forest of Nandana.

Indra’s chief musician Chitrasena along with his wife Malini and son Malyavan joined singing group and got captivated to the beauty of an Apsara named Pushpavati.  They become so enamored of each other that they fail to sing and dance before the lords and devas.

Lord Indra understood it and angrily cursed them to suffer as pisachas and they at once fell to a Himalayan peak on earth from heaven.  They lost their sense of taste, smell and touch. They were unable to sleep on Himalayas due to miserable cold. They suffered every moment roaming here and there and due to snowfall their teeth chattered and hair stood on end due to their bewilderment. They realize that they can’t stay in that impossible environment as it was hell for them and made it clear that one should not commit sins.

By their great fortune, it happened that day as the day of Jaya ekadashi and due to their misery of not finding anything on altitudes, unknowingly they fasted from all food and drink. Both got collapsed under a papal tree (which is auspicious for prayer) and did not get up. They struggled day and night with the curse of Indra, in shivering cold and embraced each other for warmth. They have been blessed from curse by lord Krishna for fasting on jaya ekadashi and brought back in heavenly garments and ornaments to heaven in a vahana. They visited Lord Indra and offered him cheerful obeisance.

Indra got surprised and enquired about their release and deeds which bestowed them with mercy. It was due to their worship to lord Krishna on Ekadashi day that released them from condition of pisachas. It was declared by yudhishthira that fast should be observed strictly on this day to free from sins and to enjoy unending happiness for billions of years.  Reciting hymns from Samaveda by performing Agnistoma fire sacrifice is also a wonderful glory.

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    Aaj guru ne nathi joya,nathi joya bhagwan re
    Sharan tari mane laye le shri Krishna bhagwan re