Jambavan Namavali | Names of Jambavanta

Jambavan with Krishna Jambavati

Jambavan with Krishna Jambavati

Jambavan is a character popularly found in Ramyana. He is regarded as the King of Bears, and is having the power equivalent to that of lakhs of elephants and lions, and the capacity to win anyone. He is created specially by Lord Brahma for serving Sri Rama. He is known as Riksharaj (King of Bears).

Jambavan was present in various yugas and was present at the time of churning of the ocean, and was present when Vamana has acquired the three worlds from Mahabali.

Jambavan in his previous life was the King of the Himalayas, who had incarnated as a bear in order to serve Lord Rama. He received a boon from Lord Rama that he would have a long life, and have the strength of ten million lions and elephants. According to Ramayana, Jambavan helped Rama during his fight with Ravana. He made Hanuman to realize his efficiency and capabilities, and asked him to fly across the ocean to search in Lanka for Sita Mata.

According to Mahabharata, Krishna came to Jambavan’s cave in search of a gem, and they both of them fought with each other, and finally Jambavan realized that Lord Krishna was none other than his almighty Sri Rama. He then felt very sorry for fighting with Krishna, and apologized to him, and handed over him the gem, and also married his daughter Jambavathi to Lord Krishna. Jambavan, is considered to be the one who has been present in both Ram and Krishna avatars. After the end of dwaparayuga, he left from earth and went to Satyalok(Lord Brahma’s abode).

Let us chant the wonderful 108 names of Sri Jambavan and let us be blessed.

1. Om Sri JambavaneNamah
2. Om MahavirayaNamah
3. Om BalavanayaNamah
4. Om TatmajayaNamah
5. Om VajrapradayaNamah
6. Om SitadeviramabhaktayaNamah
7. Om KaradirajayaNamah
8. Om SarvamayavibhanjanayaNamah
9. Om SarvabandhavimoktreNamah
10. Om VidhwansakarakayaNamah
11. Om ParavidyaPariharayaNamah
12. Om ParashauryaVinashanayaNamah
13. Om ParamantraNirakartreNamah
14. Om ParayantraPrabhedakayaNamah
15. Om SarvagrahaVinashineNamah
16. Om SahayakritheNamah
17. Om HarayaNamah
18. Om SarvalokacharineNamah
19. Om ManojavayaNamah
20. Om DrumulasthayaNamah
21. Om SarvamantraSwarupavateNamah
22. Om SarvatantraSwarupineNamah
23. Om SarvayantratmakayaNamah
24. Om KapishwarayaNamah
25. Om MahaputhimaneNamah
26. Om SarvarogaharayaNamah
27. Om PrabhaveNamah
28. Om BalaSiddhikarayaNamah
29. Om SarvavidyasagaraNamah
30. Om KapisenanayakayaNamah
31. Om ChaturananayaNamah
32. Om ChiranjeeviyeNamah
33. Om RatnakundalayaNamah
34. Om ShikhojwalaNamah
35. Om VidyatatvajnayaNamah
36. Om MahabalaParakramayaNamah
37. Om VimoktreNamah
38. Om BandhamochakayaNamah
39. Om SagarottarakayaNamah
40. Om PrajnayaNamah
41. Om RamasevakayaNamah
42. Om PratapavateNamah
43. Om KaradiroopayaNamah
44. Om KambeerayaNamah
45. Om RamashokaNivarakayaNamah
46. Om AnjaneyapriyaNamah
47. Om BalarkasadrashananayaNamah
48. Om VanaraPriyakarayaNamah
49. Om DashagrivaKulantakayaNamah
50. Om LakshmanapriyaNamah
51. Om VajrakayayaNamah
52. Om MahadyuthayeNamah
53. Om SarveswarayaNamah
54. Om RamabhaktayaNamah
55. Om VighatakayaNamah
56. Om AkshahantreNamah
57. Om KanchanabhayaNamah
58. Om PanchavaktrayaNamah
59. Om MahatapaseNamah
60. Om RakshasasamhariyeNamah
61. Om ShrimateNamah
62. Om BhanjanayaNamah
63. Om SundararoopayaNamah
64. Om BrahmaputrayaNamah
65. Om SugrivaSachivayaNamah
66. Om DhirayaNamah
67. Om ShurayaNamah
68. Om DaityakulantakayaNamah
69. Om SurarchitayaNamah
70. Om MahatejaseNamah
71. Om RamatejasviniNamah
72. Om KamarupineNamah
73. Om PingalakshayaNamah
74. Om VardhimainakaPujitayaNamah
75. Om KabalikritaNamah
76. Om VijitendriyayaNamah
77. Om RamasugrivaSandhatreNamah
78. Om MaharavanaMardhanayaNamah
79. Om SphatikabhayaNamah
80. Om VagadhishayaNamah
81. Om NavavyakritapanditayaNamah
82. Om ChaturbahaveNamah
83. Om DinabandhurayaNamah
84. Om MayatmaneNamah
85. Om BhaktavatsalayaNamah
86. Om SanjivananagayarthaNamah
87. Om SuchayeNamah
88. Om VagmineNamah
89. Om DridhavratayaNamah
90. Om PramathanayaNamah
91. Om HarimarkatayaNamah
92. Om DantayaNamah
93. Om ShantayaNamah
94. Om PrasannatmaneNamah
95. Om ShatakantahartreNamah
96. Om YogineNamah
97. Om RamakathaLolayaNamah
98. Om Rama PanditayaNamah
99. Om VajradranushtayaNamah
100. Om VajranakhayaNamah
101. Om RudraViryaSamudbhavayaNamah
102. OmVinivarakayaNamah
103. Om DhwajagrasamvasineNamah
104. Om BhedakayaNamah
105. Om DashabahaveNamah
106. Om LokapujyayaNamah
107. Om JambavatvaneNamah
108. Om SitaramaParamasevakayaNamah


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