Jalaram Bapa in Moon?

Jalaram Bapa in Moon

Jalaram Bapa in Moon

A couple of days ago, Jalaram Bapa was seen in Moon ( as per the devotees of Shri Jalaram).

Shri Jalaram Bapa was a popular Hindu saint from Gujarat. He was born in Virpur near Rajkot.

When Jalramji went to pilgrimages of Ayodhya, Varanasi and Badrinath, he got a strong ambition to spread Hinduism and its cultural significance all around the places.

With blessings of his Guru, Bhoja Bhagat of Fatehpur, he started ‘Sadavrat’, a place where all saints and the needy people could have food any time.

Jalaram Bapa seen in Moon – image

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  1. jalaram bapa devotee says:

    his glory lives forever, always seeking your blessings jalaram bapa

  2. bhakti says:

    jalaram bapa is my everything. He never make me sad and always fulfil my all wishes within no period of time. Jai jalaram bapa. I chant his name in all bad times. He is always with me. I love my bapa very much.