Jagadguru inaugurates Stotra portal | Jagadguru Stotra Ratna Mala

On Vijayadashami (October 3, 2014), the Jagadguru performed the Parayana of the Pattabhisheka Sarga of Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam and inaugurated – “JAGADGURU STOTRA RATNA MALA (http://stotra.sringeri.net)”- a web-portal developed by Sri R. Sivaramakrishna Sharma of Sri Shankara Advaita Research Centre of the Peetham.

Speaking on the occasion, Administrator & CEO, Sri V R Gowrishankar mentioned that the website will serve as a virtual gurukulam to everyone who wishes to learn stotras with proper pronunciation. The website not only contains stotras but also comes with two types of audio for each stotra.

The first is a verse by verse chanting of the Stotras. The second audio contains a line-by-line teaching of every verse of the Stotras.

Sri Gowrishankar said that with very few people chanting Stotras today and with even fewer teaching Stotras to the younger generation, the website would serve as a great boon to everyone interested in learning Stotras.

The stotras are available in various scripts including Devanagari, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Roman (with diacritics).

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