Indrani Puja 2017, Aindri Puja in Ashada Navratri

Indrani Puja, also known as Aindri Puja, is one of the main pujas observed during Ashada Navratri in Ashad month. In 2017, Indrani Puja date is July 2.

Goddess Indrani, also known as Aindri or Mahendri, is one of the fierce manifestations of Goddess Shakti.

Aindri Pooja falls on Ashada Shukla Ashtami day.

Goddess Indrani is sometimes depicted as Sahasrakshi, Goddess with thousand eyes. Her vehicle is Airavatha, the divine elephant. She is also known as the aspect of Lord Indra’s energy.

On Ashada Shukla Ashtami, Mahishasura Mardini Puja is also observed.

In 2016, Indrani Puja date was July 12.

In 2015, Indrani Puja date was July 24.

In 2014, Indrani Puja date was July 5.

In 2013, Indrani Puja date was July 16.

In 2012, Indrani Puja date was June 27.

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