Important Concepts of Saiva Siddhanta Church

The Saiva Siddhanta Church was instituted in the year 1957 in San Francisco by Satguru Subramuniyaswami. This church helps in encouraging temple worship as well as disseminates the precepts of Shaivite Hinduism.

Some of the most important concepts of Saiva Siddhanta are as follows:

Siva, based on the concepts of Saiva Siddhanta, is the final and ultimate truth, all-knowing, ubiquitous and detached. He is the only competent origin of all formation, development, conservation, disguises and termination. It is only via his dynamic power known as Shakti that he is able to produce the living beings and the worlds.

Even though The Jivas are not similar to Siva but still they are individual souls created from the same spirit. Based on the teachings of the Saiva Siddhanta, Siva is similar to the souls and the number of souls stays fixed all through. Transformation or changes may occur but this will not affect their number. Thus Saiva Siddhanta teaches us about the excellent difference between the souls and God and this dissimilarity lies in their spirit and not in their formation. The kinship lies not in a state of oneness however it is in the state of sameness. Hence this school is regarded as pluralistic.

The soul is actually same as Siva or abheda, but also different as it is theme to 3 impurities or rather the 3 bonds. These 3 pesos or rather bonds are Anava, Karma as well as Maya. These bonds bind the Jivas to serviceable restrictions and thus follow the experience of unreality converting the uninformed beings pasus or animals.

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