Importance of Panchangam

An ancient Vedic calendar is Panchang or Panchangam. It comes in a tabulated form. It really helps people with plans of travel, love, work, money etc. It helps in foretelling much in advance. It is an Indian Vedic almanac in a simple and easy to understand form. According to the local legends, it is in use for the past 5000 years.

There are two basic forms of panchanga in which theories are largely found. They are Grahalaghava and Surya Siddhanta. The term “Ephemeris” is the word for panchang in English language.

Most of the panchangam are based on Indian astrological computations and calculations. The past, present and future days panchagam can be readily studied by all. As per the Indian standard time, the panchangam are calculated. The literary meaning of the word “panchangam” means “Panch” meaning five and “ang” meaning aspect.

It is to be remembered that Panchangam gives the auspicious and inauspicious timings of a day. It also gives the details regarding the Karana, the Yoga, the Nakshtra, the Tithi, etc of the day.

It is to be highly noted that based on the position of the various constellations and planets, the perfect calculation of panchangam are done with perfection. It gives details to the people regarding is it whether good or bad to start something new, entering a new house, going on a trip, getting married, etc.

If a person strongly believes in panchangam then he or she needn’t visit an astrologer for details regarding past, present and future and its related activities. Panchangam helps in understanding the obstacles in life and the proper remedies that need to be followed for a better present and future ahead by forgetting the past. In most of the Hindu household, the elder family members strongly believe in Panchangam. They don’t venture into any types of activities without consulting the Panchangam.

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