Idagunji Ganapati Temple (Mhatobar Vinayaka Devaru)

Idagunji Ganapathi Temple

Idagunji Ganapathi Temple

Idagunji Ganapati Temple at Honnavara (Mhatobar Vinayaka Devaru) is a popular Ganesha Temple in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is one of the six famous Ganesha temples on the west Coast of India, which is also popularly called the ‘Ganesha Coast’.

Idagunji Ganapathi temple is an ancient temple with a history of more than 1500 years, it is a major tourist attraction in the Karavali coast of Karnataka. This place has got its own name for its beautiful idol of Lord Ganapathi.

Idaguni Ganapati Temple mentioned in Skandapurana

The importance of Edakunj kshetra has been mentioned in the Sahyadri khand of the Skandapuran. ‘Eda’ (Wamnadi) means ‘to the left’ and ‘kunj’ means garden. The place thus got its name, as it is located on the left banks of the river Sharawati.

This temple is a major piligrim spot which attracts more than 1 million devotees per year. The temple is midway between Gunavanteshwar and Murudeshwar and is 1/2 hr drive from either temple.

The idol of the Presiding Deity (Dwibhuja Ganapathi)

The temple is quite big. The Ganesha idol is in a standing posture, with extremely short legs, and a depression on the head. The ‘Dwibhuja Ganapathy’ or two handed Ganesha is holding Modaka and Padma (Lotus) in his hands. The idol is of black stone.

Important Festivals

Makara Sankranti, Maha Shivaratri in Magha Masa, Holi in Falguna Masa, Ugadi (Kannada New Year) in Chaitra Masa, Sri Rama Navami in Chaitra Masa, Nagara Panchami in Shravana Masa, Raksha Bandhana in Shravana Masa, Janmashtami in Shravana Masa, Ganesh Chaturthi in Bhadrapada Masa and Vijaya Dashami & Deepavali in Ashwina Masa are the major festivals of Idagunji Temple.

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