How to watch a Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan)

How to watch a Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan)? How can anyone watch Total Solar Eclipse? Most of us want to watch a partial solar eclipse than a total solar eclipse due to fear of causing any harm to our eyes.

The best way of watching Partial Solar Eclipse

The best way to observe a partial solar eclipse is with a filter specifically designed for viewing the sun. Stores specializing in telescopes sell these filters. Safe “eclipse shades” are often widely available prior to an eclipse.

A No. 14 welder’s glass also works well, and is available from specialized welding shops.

The ordinary, No. 12 welder’s glass sold in hardware stores to protect welders’ eyes from extremely bright light does not provide adequate protection from the sun.

If you don’t have a proper solar filter, you can view the partially eclipsed sun with a pinhole camera by punching a hole about a millimeter in diameter in a piece of cardboard. Natural “pinholes” created by leaves on trees or reflections from a building’s windows will also work.

Under NO circumstances look directly at the sun, even with sunglasses, as you can quickly cause permanent damage to your eyes. If a small magnifying glass can light a fire in seconds, think what will happen to the retina of your eye by staring at the sun.

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