How to Reach Rameshwaram Temple (Rameshwaram Shiva Temple)

When we think of Rameswaram, we think of Ramayana and all the heroic characters such as Sri Rama, Sita, Hanuman and the demon Ravana. Rameswaram is essentially a temple town, an island lying sedately along the coast of the Gulf of Mannar, right at the very tip of the Indian peninsula.

Rameshwaram is a place of legend where Sri Rama and his vanarasena built a bridge in order to cross the gulf and reach Ravana’s stronghold of Lanka so that they could rescue Sita. This place is known for Shri Rameshwar Jyotirlinga and it is one of the 275 passdal Petra Sthalam.

No wonder, all this divine legend has made Rameshwaram one of India’s prominent places of pilgrimage. As a result, thousands of Indians from all over India flocks to the place.

In spite of its remote location, Rameswaram is easily reached by air, rail or road. For those who belong to North India, it is necessary to make it to Chennai first, before heading to the sacred city. From there they can proceed by the following modes.

Air: If you are flying, book a flight to Madurai, Rameswaram’s nearest airport, from where you can reach the holy city by either private or public transport.

Rail: Rameswaram is conveniently connected to Chennai by rail. Reserve a ticket from Chennai Egmore railway station to Rameswaram direct. The wonder of such a trip is the crossing of the modern Indira Gandhi Bridge that stretches for two kilometers over the sea.

Road: In case you prefer to travel by road, there are ordinary buses as well as luxury coaches plying between Chennai and Rameswaram.

Once you set foot in the temple town, a host of taxis, jeeps, auto and cycle rikshaws await your pleasure to take you wherever you want to go within the city limits.


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