How to reach Ernakulathappan Temple, Ernakulum

Ernakulathappan temple is one of the most sought after Lord Shiva temple in the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala. This temple is also known as Ernakulam Lord Shiva temple. Shivarathri is one of the main festivals of this temple that is celebrated in grand manner.

The visitors can easily reach Ernakulum through railways, air travel and by bus. You can also avail boat and ferry service to reach the destination.

By road: Ernakulum is a town with varied bus stops that have buses to connect people from various parts of the city and the nation. You can avail buses that led people from the state of Kerala to Ernakulum daily. The town is connected through roadways with different parts of the country. There are state buses that can be hired from neighboring states and cities to get you reach Ernakulum.

By train: A strong railway network is interconnected with this town that can connect people from different parts of the state as well as country. You can get step down to Ernakulum once you are stationed by the train at Cochin terminal or Ernakulum station. People coming from south India can easily get connected making a connection between Kochi and various other cities in India.

By air: Air is the swiftest medium to reach South India. You can get flights from any parts of the nation to reach till Cochin International airport. From the Cochin airport, Ernakulum is just a distance of 23 kilometers. You can also avail cab and taxi service from airport.

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