Holi Special Train from Vadodara to Dakor

The Vadodara railway division of Western Railway on Saturday started running Holi special train connecting Vadodara to temple town Dakor in Kheda district.

The Holi special train will run between Vadodara-Dakor-Vadodara for three days including Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The special train (09027/09028) will start from Vadodara railway station at 11.05am to reach Dakor at 12.30 pm. Similarly, the train will start from Dakor railway station at 3.35 pm and will reach Vadodara at 7.10 pm.

The Vadodara railway division officials have also informed the timing of the special trains that will run between milk city Anand and temple town Dakor in Kheda district.

According to a release issued by senior divisional commercial manager of Vadodara railway division Pradeep Banerjee the special trains between Anand and Dakor will depart from Anand railway station at 11.45 am and reach Umreth railway station at 12.15pm.

From Umreth railway station, it will depart at 12.16 pm to reach Dakor railway station at 12.30pm.

Similarly, on its return journey the special train will depart from Dakor at 3.35 pm to reach Umreth railway station at 3.46 pm. It will depart from Umreth at 3.47 pm to reach Anand railway station at 4.22 pm.

“These arrangements have been made for convenience of passengers on this festive occasion,” said Banerjee.

Source – Times of India.

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