Life History of Guru Raghavendra Swamy | Raghavendra Charitra

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna

Raghavendra Swamy Lord Krishna


After hearing the news, that her Poorvashrama husband, Venkatanatha had become a saint, Saraswathi could not bear the pain of getting separated herself from her husband.And unable to bear the great grief, she jumped into a well and committed suicide. Due to that, she had become a ghost, and since she loved her husband so much, she went in front of Guru Raghavendra and began to lamenting.

Guru Raghavendra felt pity on her, and by considering her difficult position, he chanted some divine mantras, and sprinkled the holy water from his kamandala on her. Due to that, the pious lady who was in the form of ghost had attained salvation.


After obtaining the Pontiff position, Guru Raghavendra stayed in Kumbhakonam Mutt, and began to discharge his daily routine duties in a remarkable manner. He used to perform Moola Rama puja wonderfully by chanting the divine mantras, and also lived as per the norms of a saint. He also wrote lot of divine texts in praise of the deities, and those texts are still considered as the best treasures of our Hindu Scriptures.


During the year 1642, King Vijayaraghava Nayaka who was the ruler of Thanjavur faced severe famine at his region. Though he had given most of the wealth from his treasury for the sake of reducing the sufferings of his people, but, yet, his problem didn’t come to an end. Finally, the king visited Kumbhakonam and fell down at the feet of Guru Raghavendra. He obliged Guru Raya to visit Thanjavur and to stay there. As per the wishes of the king,Guru Raghavendra had happily agreed and stayed in Tanjavur for a period of 12 years.

He performed lot of Yagyas in order to reduce the severity of the famine, and while performing the Yagnas, he has granted the oblation from the fire sacrifices, to the respective deities, and also received blessings from them.Within a short period of time, miraculously the king’s treasury were filled with full of wealth. Since Lord Indra and Varuna were much satisfied with the oblation granted by the great Guru, they began to release the Rains from the cloud to the earth, and due to that, crops were grown properly, and the entire Tanjavur kingdom was prospered, due to the grace of Guru Raghavendra. The king and the people thanked him a lot, they were very happy, and received the blessings of the divine guru.


There are innumerable miracles performed by Guru Raghavendra. He has restored the life of a Muslim king’s son, promoted the bhakti spirit in the minds of the rich landlords and kings, removed the poison of his disciple, by chanting the Garuda Mantra, with his divine powers, he made the rain to shower even in the desert regions, restored the life of his devotee’s son who was accidentally fell down in the cooking vessel, granted salvation to his disciple, removed the diseases of his devotees, proved the divine powers of his Mritika, sacred sand, removed the evil spirits from the body of his devotees, and likewise he has done lot of miracles in the lives of his devotees, and still he is doing. He is carefully watching the condition of his devotees, and based on their past birth karmas, he is helping them to a maximum extent by removing their sins and also makes them to do lot of sacred deeds in their lives, in order to increase their good karmas.

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