Hindupad is now with brand new Logo

Hindupad LOGO

Hindupad has got its logo. We have been putting in a lot of efforts to get a good logo since Hindupad started. Now, our efforts have become fruitful. The logo consists of two aspects – one is ‘Om’, and the second one is Hindupad title. Om, the sacred symbol of Hinduism, in background in green colour represents the eco friendly celebrations, fruitful life, and prosperity. ‘Hindupad’ is fixed on Om in orange colour with good font. Orange colour signifies Hinduism and Hindupad as well.

Hindupad thanks Mr. Srinivas Bollaram and Mr. Shivakumar Nandala for their great work in the making of Hindupad’s Logo. If you want to use this logo in your websites and blogs, and other promotional material, you can download logo in different sizes from below given URLs.

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