Hinduism, Hindu Gods & Goddesses Vs Pop Culture: A detailed Story on dirty Western companies and Media

Hinduism, the third largest religion (exactly, the way of living), has been attacked in many ways by pop culture till now. The images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been displayed on toilet seats, shoes, slippers, mood enhancer shot boxes, bikinis (swimsuits), under garments, etc. to insult and to criticize Hindus all over the world. USA (America), Sweden, England, Australia, Italy, the place and the country has changed but the cruel and ridiculous attitude of western people never changed in the history of modern religious heritage and culture.

Though we are not clear with their intentions, some celebrities have been respected and supported the Hinduism and displayed their faith on our pure way of living in several international stages.

The incidents that were treated as Pigheaded Western Actions

  1. On 5 May 2011, the image of Goddess Lakshmi was depicted on bikinis (swimsuit) at a Fashion Week held in Sydney, Australia. Read more here..
  2. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, popularly known as Lady Gaga, links her video album, Born This Way, with Hinduism symbols. Read more here…
  3. In February 2011, ‘Potion 9’, a brand for mood enhancement shots intended to boost sex drive, embossed the image of Goddess Lakshmi on the bottles of the product. Read more here..
  4. Famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey mocked Lord Ganesha in NBC Channel’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 8 January 2011. The actor demonstrated a sexual act by mocking Lord Ganesh. Read more here…
  5. The Newsweek November 2011 issue displayed Barack Obama, the President of USA, in Nataraja pose. Nataraja is the dancing form of Lord Shiva. Read more here…
  6. In December 2009, talking about India in a TV show ‘The One Thing’, Fox News Channel commentator Glenn Beck said, “Ganges (River Ganga) sounds like a disease”. Read more here…
  7. In 2008, actress Heidi Klum was spotted dressed up and posing as Goddess Kali for a Halloween party in New York.
  8. In a Halloween party at New York in 2008, USA, actress Heidi Klum was dressed up as Goddess Kali.
  9. Lunchboxes.com, an online lunch-box selling and marketing website, pasted the images of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Kali on lunchboxes, the Hindu world agitated seriously as some of the box might carry the meat and beef.
  10. Laceys Footwear embossed the reversed image of Om, the sacred symbol of Hinduism, on their beachwear. Later on, the British company withdrew the offending beachwear and apologized.
  11. Italian designer Roberto Cavalli designed women’s undergarments and swimsuits with the images of Lord Rama. Bowed with the agitations of Hindu activists, Cavalli apologized and London’s Harrods department store removed the imprint of the image of Lord Ram from the garments.
  12. American Eagle Outfitters designed and marketed their sandals with the image of Lord Ganesha on it. They had to scrap them due to the unexpected uprising from Hindus all over the world.

Above all, we have to be glad that USA (the center point of this dreadful ill-religious culture) has recorded a substantial growth of Hindus and Hinduism in United States of America.

Read the following reports of Lisa Miller and Newsweek reports on Hinduism in USA

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  1. sml says:

    Just laugh it way.why dont you think they are protecting all the parts of their body by printing our Hindu Gods on their clothes and shoes.
    Just forgive them.
    Lord krishna said just chanting His name, even knowingly or knowingly
    He will give Moksha.So the westerners are really lucky for printing our Hindu Gods on all their clothes shoes.