Hindu Brahm Acharya Sabha January 2010 – Hindu Religious Heads meet-up in Hyderabad

Hindu Brahma Acharya Sabha or the meet-up of Hindu religious heads 2010 will be held in Hyderabad from January 9th to 11th, 2010. This is the fourth Hindu Sabha since the inception of Hindu Bharm Acharya sabha. Renowned Mathadhipathis, Dharmacharyas, Maha Mandaleshwars, and the Heads of various Sampradayas of Sanatan Dharm will participate in the meet-up to discuss the updates, advances, and developments in Hindu Sanatan Dharm across the world. The Sabha also discusses various issues related on conversion of Hindus to other religions.

Around 150 Dharma Acharyas will attend the Sanatan Dharma Parirakshana Sabha held in Hyderabad.

The first meet-up of Acharya Sabha was held at Chennai in 2003. Mumbai hosted the second Hindu Acharya Sabha in 2005 and Bangalore hosted the third Sabha in 2008.


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