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Happy New Year 2015 Sand Sculptures

Happy New Year 2015 Sand Sculpture by Tarani Misro

Happy New Year 2015 Sand Sculpture by Tarani Misro

This is the sand sculpture, designed wishing a Happy New Year 2015 to all. It is designed and made by Tarani Prasad Misro, a renowned sand sculptor of Andhra Pradesh, India.

This sand sculpture welcomes the New Year 2015 with a great joy and happiness

It is made at LN Pet, on the banks of Vamsadhara River in Srikakulam district of AP.

Talking to Hindupad, Tarani said that 2014 was a good year and made some great designs. He wishes all the readers of Hindupad a great New Year…

We wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of Tarani Prasad Misro and let us all wish Tarani a great New Year 2015…..

Note: Gregorian New Year day (January 1) is not Hindu New Year Day. Hindu New Year day falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Navreh, Nav Varsh, Cheti Chand), Mesha Sankranti (Chithirai Vishu, Baisakhi, Pohela Boishakh, Bihu, Bisu, etc..) & Simha Sankranti (Chingam 1), etc..

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