Hanuman contains Brave Heart

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

Everyone must contain a brave heart, in order to face any kind of challenges in their lives. As per the sayings of the Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.Annadurai, “everyone must contain a bold heart, in order to face the troubles and turmoil in their lives”. Lord Hanuman contains very brave heart, and due to that, he was able to destroy the demon armies within a few minutes at Lanka, and he was also able to boldly converse with the powerful demon Ravana during his meeting with him.

At this present situation of life, it is very difficult for the innocent people to sustain in their lives. Everywhere cheaters are present in the world, and they are making new kinds of fraudulent activities day by day. Today online fraud prevails everywhere in the world.

In order to possess a brave heart, we have to cultivate the reading habit. We have to read the life history of ancient warrior kings and queens such as Vikramaditya, Alexander, Jhansi Rani, Rani Mangamma and Chandragupta. By reading their life details, we would get courage, boldness and wisdom in our lives. Apart from that, we can also read the books of the holy people such as Swami Vivekananda, Shirdi Saibaba, Guru Raghavendra, Yogananda and Swami Shivananda.

Nowadays, some relatives are taking advantage of the innocence of their close relatives and trying to cheat their money or might misuse their wealth. We should not depend on anyone with regard to our financial matters, and we should not disclose about our wealth position even to our friends and relatives. Ancient people mostly relied on truth and wisdom, and most of them are god fearing persons. But nowadays, some people are not following truth in their lives, and in order to life a comfortable life, they are cheating others.

Even if we lose lot of opportunities in our lives, we should never feel bad about it, but must try to live a new life with a brave heart. Some students are committing suicides if they fail in their examinations, since they are unable to fight hard in their lives.

Still many young men and women are falling in the love trap, and some of them are committing suicides due to love failures. Even some divorcees are also losing hope in their lives, and some of them are ending their lives by consuming poison.

Actually there is no good solution to the human problems, since everything is already decided by the god, and based on that, things would occur in our life, and we have to willfully accept anything in our life, whether it is good or bad, by building a strong heart with a selfless devotion on the god.


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