Halahala | Kalakuta | Poison formed in Samudra Manthan

Shiva drinking Halahala poison

Shiva drinking Halahala poison

Halahala is a type of powerful poison which was formed from the milk ocean, when the demigods in the heaven and the demons were churned the holy milk ocean, in order to get the divine nectar, also called as Amirtha, to attain immortality.

While churning the milk ocean, the demigods used the Snake God Vasuki as a rope, and they hold the tail of the snake, whereas the demons hold the head of the snake, and due to that, when the milk ocean was churned in a faster manner, due to severe pain on his body, the divine serpent Vasuki began to release the Halahala poison from its mouth. Due to that, the demons and demigods were suffered from severe body pain. In order to get rid from the poisonous flames of the snake, all of them were prayed to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva being the divine father of the entire universe, accepted their prayers, appeared before them, and swallowed the poison. When it was about to enter below the throat of Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati gently pressed the throat of Lord Shiva with her lotus hands, and made the poison to permanently stay in the throat of Shiva. From then onwards Lord Shiva is called as Neelakanta, which means the holder of the poison on his throat. From this incident, we can understand, that how the great Lord Shiva has saved the entire universe from destruction. At this present Kali Yuga, bhakti and patience must be strictly followed by us, and definitely in course of time, all of our reasonable wishes would be fulfilled by Lord Shiva.

During the time of Churning of the milk ocean, Bhakta Prahlada and his grandson Bali was also present there. King Bali took the noble Uchchaihshravas Horse to his possession, which was formed from the divine milk ocean.

Actually Lord Vasuki is one of the chief deities of snakes, and her sister is Ma Manasa who is popularly worshipped in India, and her famous temple is situated in Satrampadu, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh 534007, and also her famous temples are situated in Haridwar and Haryana. Her son is Astika, who is a powerful sage, and saved the life of the snake god Takshaka, when he was about to fall in the fire yagna, which was once performed by Sri Janamejaya.


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