Kaustubha, divine Jewel of Lord Vishnu

Kaustuba is a divine jewel which is worn by Lord Vishnu who lives in Vaikunta. It is considered as the most precious jewellery in the entire universe according to the Hindu divine texts. When Devas and Demons were churning the Ocean of Milk in order to get the divine nectar, the most precious jewel Kaustuba […]

Halahala | Kalakuta | Poison formed in Samudra Manthan

Halahala is a type of powerful poison which was formed from the milk ocean, when the demigods in the heaven and the demons were churned the holy milk ocean, in order to get the divine nectar, also called as Amirtha, to attain immortality. While churning the milk ocean, the demigods used the Snake God Vasuki […]