Hal Shashti Vrat Vidhi, Procedure of Har Chhath Puja

Hal Shashti Vrat Vidhi, the Procedure of Har Chhath Puja is given here. Hal Sashti Vrat (Lalahi Chhath, Har Chhath, Lalahi Shashti) is observed in Bhadrapada Month – Krishna Paksha Shashti tithi.

How to do Hal Shashti Vrat 

Hal Shashti puja is observed mainly by farming communities, especially by women. Women perform the vrata to get male child or for the better health of their children.

Women observe fasting on the day and they even avoid taking fruits and milk. The performers of Lalahi Chhath puja clean and sanctify the floor with cow dung and prepare a small well type tank.

They keep a stem of straw grass, a type of reed and palaash together to make a plough. Then, they bury it and pray to the sacred well.

During the Har Chhath puja, the performers worship the tank with Satavya. Satavya are the seven types of grams – wheat, jowar, lentil, paddy, moong (kidney beans), gram and corn.

A cloth coloured with turmeric paste is also offered, kept near the plough and worshipped. Some people also perform yagna after the Hal puja.

Some people also offer water to Sun God (Surya Arghya) on this day for better health and prosperity.

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