Hal Sashti Vrat, Har Chath or Lalahi Chhath Puja

Hal Sashti Vrat (Har Chath pooja or Lalahi Chhath Puja) is observed mainly in North India. In 2023, Halsashti vrata date is September 5.

Hal-Sashti Vrat is the day to celebrate the birthday of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna. It is observed on Krishna Paksha Sashti in Bhadrapad month.

Who will observe Hal Sashti Vrat – How to perform Har Chhath Puja?

Hal Shashti puja is observed mainly by farming communities, especially by women. Women perform the vrata to get male child or for the better health of their children. Women observe fasting on the day and they even avoid taking fruits and milk. The performers of Lalahi Chhath puja clean and sanctify the floor with cow dung and prepare a small well type tank. They keep a stem of straw grass, a type of reed and palaash together to make a plough. Then, they bury it and pray to the sacred well.

During the Har Chhath puja, the performers worship the tank with Satavya. Satavya are the seven types of grams – wheat, jowar, lentil, paddy, moong (kidney beans), gram and corn. A cloth coloured with turmeric paste is also offered, kept near the plough and worshipped. Some people also perform yagna after the Hal puja.

Hal Sashti Vrath is also observed as Randhan Chhath in Gujarat.

In 2022, Halsashti vrata date is August 17.

In 2021, Halsashti vrata date is August 28.

In 2020, Halsashti vrata date is August 9.

In 2019, Halsashti vrata date was August 21.

In 2016, Halsashti vrata date was August 23.

In 2015, Halsashti vrata date was September 3.

Halsashti vrata 2014 date was August 16.

Halsashti vrata 2013 date was August 26.

Halsashti vrata 2012 date was August 8.

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  1. Atishay Singh says:

    HI, I am Atishay Singh from Noida. We do Har Chhath oujaat our home.My Grandmother Snehlata Singh used to do it since she was married and has seen it since her child hood,her native place was Jarouli in Kanpur district. We are celebrating it today 12 August 2009.Its a very sacred festival for my family and for me as well…We also make drawings on wall as Chhat Mata which has many pictures of God and Goddess within. There are six stories which are also told to all those in puja as a part of the ceremony.Mothers lick uptan which were rubbed on their son’s body earlier.We respect it truly.

  2. Ritesh says:

    We also should highlight the scientific aspect of chhath puja. I recommend the people to read The Science of Chhath by Yogishri Oumkaar (although i couldnt find the book).

  3. praveen tiwari says:

    sketch of har sashti requires which is drawn on wall while worshiping har sashti.

  4. R K SINGH says:

    lalhi chhat vert date is 7th august 2022

  5. J P Tiwari says:

    Lallhi chhat 7th Aug or 8th Aug Pls tell me

  6. Nilima says:

    when is harchat festival for hindu in 2022 year

  7. Saundarya says:

    www Halchhat mata katha hindi ma dawnlod com

  8. Gatik says:

    what do you mean by lalhi chat vrat

  9. Vani says:

    Can you post the method of this puja also the food to be cooked on this day. If I am not wrong Red Rice and Saag is supposed to be cooked on this day. Kindly post this puja in detail. Thanks n Regards

  10. Rachna says:

    How can we perform pooja abroad. We don’t get buffalo milk or red rice and nadi ka saag here.
    What is the simplest way of keeping traditions alive when you don’t live in India