Guruvayoor Utsavam 2015

guruvayurappan in guruvayur temple

guruvayurappan in guruvayur temple

Guruvayoor Utsavam is a ten-day temple festival of Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple, conducted in Kumbham Month of Malayalam calendar. In 2015, Guruvayoor Utsavam begins on March 2 and ends on March 12.

It begins on the day of Pushya (the 8th asterism) in the month of Kumbham ( February-March), it ends after the Aarattu on the 10th day. ‘Guruvayoor Anayottam’ and Arattu are the most celebrated days of the ten-day festival.

Religiously, it is the restoration of divine Chaithanya. Brahmakalasam is preceded by the Utsavam. It is aimed at the purification and energisation of the powers of the deity. It is the last of the long series of rituals of kalasam and at the end, the flag will be hoisted heralding the Utsavam.

Culturally, it consists of various processions, illumination and modest fire-works (this is a specialty of Guruvayur Utsavam that no explosives are used, unlike most of the other Kerala temples).

All ten days, the place wears a festive look, streets dressed up with arches, festoons etc., houses freshly thatched and painted. Every shrine and building is tastefully decorated with lights, plantain trunks, bunches of coconut and arecanuts. Two Gopurams and the bahyankana (outer-courtyard) are elaborately decorated with illuminations and eye-catching electric displays. The lamps, deepasthambams and vilakku are all lightened.

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