Guru Peyarchi Adhisaram in May 2010 – Guru Peyarchi Advance Course

Guru Peyarchi or the transition of Guru Bhagwan is considered as most auspicious for Tamil people. Guru Bhagwan is one of the auspicious planets (Shubha grahas) in Navagrahas. In 2009-2010, Guru Peyarchi occurred on December 15th, 2009. On May 2nd, 2010, Guru Peyarchi Adhisaram will take place. Adhisaram is the advance course and enters into Meena Raasi from Kumbha Raasi.

On December 15th, 2009, Guru bhagwan has entered into Kumbha Raasi from Makara Raasi. The Lord traverse through Kumbha Raasi for the period of one year. After entering into Meena Raasi on 2nd May 2010, he traverses in same Raasi till November 3rd, 2010. Special pujas are performed in Tamil Nadu on Guru Peyarchi Adhisaram day on May 2nd, 2010.

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  1. Rohana says:

    tell me about the jupiter transit on 28 05 13

  2. Radhanath says:

    tell me about the guru peyarchi 2013 as on 28 05 13

  3. Satayu says:

    guru peyarchi in english from 28 05 13 to 01 06 14